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Your Home or Business: Cleaning Up Water and Flood Damage

6/26/2017 (Permalink)

Your Home or Business: Cleaning Up Water and Flood Damage

Have you ever had to cleanup water in a home? Have you had to hire a crew to clean out water in a business? The flooding of water can cause severe harm to a house and building. You will not be able to live in your home. If you own a business, it will need to close during this time. The cleanup of water damage is a necessary procedure. It can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. Also, water mitigation is another important process. You will need to prevent and limit further damage to your property. Restoration is the final process. This is the route to putting your home or business back in its previous state. The following information will help reduce the cost of water cleanup, mitigation, and restoration.

Causes of Water Damage

Water damage is responsible for thirty-seven percent of homeowners filing insurance claims. Water in a home can cause destruction to the interior. This issue can also happen when there is water in a business. There are some common causes of water in a home or business:

•Heavy rain causing the roof to leak
•Old pipes burst inside or under the structure
•Septic tank issue causes the toilet to overflow
•Using water to put out a fire causing damage to your possessions
•Sink or bathtub overflows onto the floor
•Line to the air conditioner unit causes water to soak into the ceiling

Causes of Flood Damage

Flood damage occurs when there is a lot of rain falling for several days. The rain can cause rivers to rise above their banks and flood the streets. Additionally, issues with dams or levees can cause flooding in areas. The water rises and comes into homes and buildings causing flood damage.

Cleanup after Water and Flood Damage

After discovering water in a home or business, you need to start water cleanup. You may find water in the whole house or in one room. If you find water in a business, it can be in the entire building. Also, you may see it covering several floors. Water cleanup is a tedious task but it will save your house or building. Here are some suggestions for safe water cleanup:

•Open all windows for drying the house or building
•Turn off the electrical power and gas
•If there is a mud issue, use a shovel to get rid of it
•Use a hose to rinse any excess debris away
•Wet-dry vacuum is good for drying water from the floor
•Continue drying the floor after removing the carpet and padding
•If water is in the basement, pump it out
•Take pictures before and after the water cleanup for evidence

Mitigation of Water in a Home or Water in a Business

You can protect your valuables from further water damage using mitigation. These are the steps you will need to preserve the items:

•Put dry clothing, books, files, and paper in plastic containers to preserve them
•Remove your wet clothing and items
•Using wooden blocks, lift your furniture above the floor
•Place pieces of aluminum foil under wooden items
•Use pins or tape to lift drapery off the wet floor
•Put all electronic items in a dry place


Restoration is the final step before moving back into your home or office. These are the things you need to check to make your home or business safe:

•Drying of carpet, floors, and walls is complete
•Insure that all electrical and gas appliances are working
•Check for any type of structural damage
•Hire a certified inspector for safety reasons
•Buy flood insurance for financial protection

The cleanup of water is tedious, but it is worth it. You can save your property from damage. Water mitigation is also important. You want to limit any further damage to your home, business, and valuables. Restoration is an essential process, which will put your home or business back to its normal condition.
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