Recent Before & After Photos

Flooded Hotel Fitness Center in San Diego

This fitness center was located in a newly constructed hotel in the San Diego area.  A water pipe in the ceiling leaked causing a few inches of water acros... READ MORE

Office Flooding in Santee

This Santee office was flooded after a water main broke in the parking lot.  Water rushed into the building filling the space with 6" of water through-out.... READ MORE

Bathroom Mold in El Cajon

This custom home in El Cajon had a slow leak under the sink in the second floor master bathroom.  Mold had begun to grow on the vanity cabinet and on the w... READ MORE

Arch Construction Spring Valley

While helping the owner of this Spring Valley home with a flood from heavy rains, we were asked if we could remove a sliding door between to interior rooms and ... READ MORE

Chula Vista Mold Remediation

This home in Chula Vista had a slow leak in a pipe above the kitchen cabinets.  As it was a small amount of water, it went unnoticed for over a month. &nbs... READ MORE

La Jolla Refrigerator Line

We were called out to this home in La Jolla after the owner of the home noticed water under the wood floor in the kitchen and the living room.  We determin... READ MORE

Spring Valley Pipe Leak

This home in spring Valley had a pipe break in the attic over the back bedroom.  The water caused the drywall ceiling to collapse and wet the walls and the... READ MORE

Mold Remediation in Chula Vista, CA

The owner of this Chula Vista home noticed a small area of mold growth in the ceiling of their garage.  We determined that the wax ring at the bottom of th... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Damage in San Diego, CA

This San Diego home had a very slow leak in the plumbing behind the shower of the hall bathroom.  The owners noticed the leak when a small amount of water ... READ MORE

Sewage Damage in Spring Valley, CA

A main sewer pipe developed a crack in the office of a manufacturing plant in Spring Valley, CA.  As it only leaked when someone on the second floor used t... READ MORE