Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold In The Cabinets

This homeowner contacted us in a panic after she found mold in her cabinets. She told us that she was very grateful for the way we treated her and for the promptness of our technicians.

Mold Problem In Bedroom

This customer had a problem with moisture that caused mold to grown on the wall in their bedroom. They said if they had known it would be this quick and easy get the problem fixed they would have called a lot sooner.

Mold Behind Water Heater

Moisture from the water heater in this picture created an opportunity for mold to form on the wall behind. After we we finished the clean up, the homeowner told us that she was very happy she chose SERVPRO.

Technician Cleaning Up Mold

Pictured here is one of our highly trained technicians working to restore a home after it suffered a mold loss. We make sure that our technicians are not only trained, but also equipped to handle your mold situation.

Mold In Spring Valley

This home in Spring Valley had a considerable mold loss situation and the owners were very concerned about what they should do. They contacted us and we took care of the situation for them. They were very relieved to be rid of the mold.

Mold in Spring Valley

It does not take a lot of water for mold to grow.  This customer in Spring Valley had a little water come in during a rain storm and thought nothing of it.  After a few weeks they noticed an odor.  That little bit of moisture sitting in the walls caused all that growth.  We were able to fully remediate the mold and make the area safe again for our customer.