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Dryer Fire

Our team was called to this home to repair the damage after this dryer caught fire. We were able to clean up and repair the home quickly and left it looking "Like it never even happened."

Drying Equipment and Flood Cuts

We use flood cuts like these to remove damaged material and create air flow for drying. We also use drying equipment like this to help the drying process go more quickly in order to prevent secondary damage after a water loss.

Water Damage In Crawlspace

The crawlspace in this image suffered a heavy water loss and our team was called to the home to clean up and repair the damage. If your home suffers a water loss like this, call SERVPRO!

Containment On Floors

We use containment barriers like you see pictured here when we are working on water and mold losses. We do this because we want to keep contaminants out of the uncontaminated portions of your home.

Using Containment Barriers

When working on a water or mold loss, we want to make sure that your home is protected. Using containment barriers like this help us to make sure that the uncontaminated parts of your home stay that way.

Air Movers

We use air movers like this along with dehumidifiers and HEPA filtered air scrubbers to help expedite the drying process so that secondary damage can be prevented. If you have a water loss, call us!

Drying Water In Commercial Facility

This facility suffered damage from a water loss and our team was called to clean up and repair the damage. As you can see, we brought in equipment to help us with the drying process.

Using Personal Protective Equipment

When working in a home or business that has suffered a loss, it is important to wear the proper personal protective equipment. In this image, you can see our technicians demonstrating the use of personal protective equipment.

Flood Cuts And Demolition

Often after a water loss, we will have to perform flood cuts as part of our demolition. Flood cuts are cuts that are performed a few inches above the flood line and allow us to remove damaged material.

Water Extraction In Progress

In this image, you can see one of our technicians in the process of extracting water from this structure after it experienced a large loss. If your home or business suffers a water loss, call us!

We Are Your Fire Loss Experts

If your home suffers a fire loss, it can be devastating. You need a company that understands and can help you get your home back. We are experts in fire remediation. When disaster strikes, give us a call.

Soot Covered Bathroom Door

A fire ravaged this home leaving it heavily damaged and covered in soot. If this happens to you, you need someone who can handle soot removal and fire remediation services. You need SERVPRO!

Damaged Countertop

This home had a large kitchen fire that damaged the home severely and left soot everywhere. In this picture you can see one of our technicians holding a soot covered counter top that we have removed.

Home Suffers Fire Damage

A fire started in the kitchen in this home, doing a great deal of damage. We received a call from the homeowner, who was very upset about her fire loss. When we left, she told us she was happy with the entire experience.

Demolition After Fire Damage

This house was heavily damaged by fire. In this picture, you can see that we have already completed the demolition process to remove all the damaged material and are about to begin the process of restoring the home.

Checking Moisture Levels

Here you can see that one of our technicians is in the process of checking moisture levels in this wall because he suspects that this toilet supply line may have done some damage when it leaked.

Demolition Process

The home pictured above suffered heavy damage when a pipe broke while the owner was away. In this picture you can see we had just finished the demo process and were in the process of drying up any remaining moisture before restoration.

Sewage Backup In Home

The damage pictured here was caused when sewage backed up into this home. When we were done with this cleanup, the homeowner said he was amazed at how good it looked and that he couldn't even tell there had ever been sewage backed up in the house.

Cleanup After Restoration

In this picture, you can see that we are very big on the details. After repairing water damage to this home, you see our technician vacuuming the floor. We always want to do the job thoroughly.

Restoration In Progress

In this picture, you can see a restoration in progress after flood waters entered this home during a recent storm. The floors and baseboards were damaged, so we have removed those and are in the process of drying up excess moisture.

Storm Damaged Home

This home suffered damage from recent storms. In this picture, you can see one of our technicians is busy carrying equipment into the home to start drying up the water left behind from the storm. 

Flooded Home

This home was impacted by flooding caused by storms that recently came through the area. Notice the amount of water still present in this photograph. We dried up all the water and got to work restoring all damaged areas.

Flooded Garage

This garage was flooding during a severe storm. There was damage in the walls as well as inside the home. We came out and used air movers to help dry up the water, then we repaired all the damaged areas.

Living Room Damaged By Flood Waters

Storms pushed flood waters into this home soaking the carpet in this living room. As you can see, there was still standing water when we arrived. However, the customer said that when we left, it looked like new!

Fallen Tree Damages Roof

During recent storms that rolled through the area, this tree came down and damaged the roof of this house. As you can see it caused a lot of damage to the roof. The customer was pleasantly surprised with time it took us to remove the tree and repair the roof.

Mold In The Cabinets

This homeowner contacted us in a panic after she found mold in her cabinets. She told us that she was very grateful for the way we treated her and for the promptness of our technicians.

Mold Problem In Bedroom

This customer had a problem with moisture that caused mold to grown on the wall in their bedroom. They said if they had known it would be this quick and easy get the problem fixed they would have called a lot sooner.

Mold Behind Water Heater

Moisture from the water heater in this picture created an opportunity for mold to form on the wall behind. After we we finished the clean up, the homeowner told us that she was very happy she chose SERVPRO.

Technician Cleaning Up Mold

Pictured here is one of our highly trained technicians working to restore a home after it suffered a mold loss. We make sure that our technicians are not only trained, but also equipped to handle your mold situation.

Mold In Spring Valley

This home in Spring Valley had a considerable mold loss situation and the owners were very concerned about what they should do. They contacted us and we took care of the situation for them. They were very relieved to be rid of the mold.

Burst Pipe Under Bathroom Sink

A pipe under the bathroom sink, causing water to flood out into this dining room. We removed damaged baseboards and used air movers to dry up all the excess moisture before putting in new materials.

Sewage Backup In Commercial Facility

A sewage backup caused a messy situation in this commercial facility. The owners told us they were very thankful that we responded so quickly and got the mess cleaned up for them just as quickly.

Pipe Burst Over Office

A pipe burst over this office and caused water to come pouring through the drop ceiling, flooding the carpet. We cleaned up the mess and brought in these air movers to dry out the carpet.

Commercial Facility With Flood Damage

This facility was damaged by flooding when storms battered the area. As you can see in the picture, water was still standing in the facility when we arrived. When we left, the owner told us he was amazed at how quickly and easily the clean up went.

Restoration In Commercial Facility

Pictured here is a restoration in progress in a commercial facility. The facility suffered heavy water damage, so we sent this team of highly trained technicians out to deal with the damage and restore the facility.

Hotel Restoration

This hotel suffered damage when a pipe broke over the lobby. There were several areas in the lobby with water damage as a result. We cleaned up all of the moisture and the damaged materials.

Unseen Moisture

It may not look like you have a moisture problem, but its the unseen moisture that can cause the most damage.  If you have musty odors or notice bubbling in your wall there may be an issue.  At SERVPRO we have the tools and expertise to determine if there is a problem and to correct it once found.

Look for the Green Van

You will always recognize our crews when they are en route to a water or fire emergency by our distinctive green vehicles.  We have thousands of vehicle and personnel nationwide ready to help with any disaster.    

Mold in Spring Valley

It does not take a lot of water for mold to grow.  This customer in Spring Valley had a little water come in during a rain storm and thought nothing of it.  After a few weeks they noticed an odor.  That little bit of moisture sitting in the walls caused all that growth.  We were able to fully remediate the mold and make the area safe again for our customer.

Broken pipe in El Cajon

It doesn't take long for a broken pipe to cause a lot of damage to your home.  This house in El Cajon was filled with two inches of water in a matter of hours.  Our crew responded quickly and saved a lot of their belongings, removed the water, and dried out the entire home. 

Enough equipment for any size loss

Whether you came home to a little puddle of water in front of your refrigerator or two inched of water though-out your whole home, we have have the equipment to take care of it.

Our Team

Jason, Jennie and Tommy

Happy holidays from SERVPRO of Spring Valley/Jamul

Holiday treats for our agents!

Happy holidays from SERVPRO of Spring Valley/Jamul

Holiday treats for our agents!

Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival

Our team getting set up at the 6th Annual Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival

Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival

We can clean up any mess...including sticky BBQ hands!

Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival

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Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival

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Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival

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Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival

Who doesn't love free candy?

Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival

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Easter treats!

Delivering Easter treats to our agents

Easter treats!

Delivering Easter treats to our agents

Easter treats!

Delivering Easter treats to our agents

Easter treats!

Delivering Easter treats to our agents