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Quick Facts About Mold and Remediation

7/24/2018 (Permalink)

Professionals can advise you about mold prevention.

It doesn't take long for a building to become infested with mold once moisture takes hold. A leaky pipe, rain in the attic, or a flooded basement could all lead to mold growth. Give those spores just two to three days and the entire property could be affected. If you live an area of high humidity or have any other reason to believe mold is present in your Spring Valley, CA, building, you need to have the right facts to deal with the problem.

Mold Facts

• Microscopic mold spores are everywhere, inside and outside.
• Spores are often airborne and may travel into your home through open windows or doors.
• Spores are likely to travel on your clothing, on a pet, or through the air conditioner or heater.
• Mold can grow quickly wherever there's water or moisture. If your indoor humidity is higher than usual, mold growth could occur.
• Sometimes a musty odor will help you locate problem areas.

Water Damage Facts

• The types of mold present in the building depend on the extent of water exposure. Long-lasting damage is more likely when excess water is allowed to sit.
• Water can lead to direct damage, such as swollen wood, and indirect damage, such as rotting wood. Water and elevated levels of humidity often lead to indirect damage through the growth of mold.
• Some of the leading causes of water damage (and mold) include broken dishwasher hoses, overflowing appliances, damaged pipes, clogged toilets, foundation cracks, and moisture behind walls.

Remediation Facts

• If you've found mold, stay out of the area, and don't allow anyone to disturb it.
• Turn off your HVAC and other fans.
• Contact a professional right away.
• Don't try to dry the area yourself, and don't put bleach or other disinfectants on the mold. This may interfere with the specialized equipment professionals use.
• It's impossible to remove all mold, but remediation experts can bring mold levels back to appropriate levels.

Professionals can advise you about mold prevention. Whether you're recovering from mold growth or looking for ways to protect your Spring Valley, CA, property, area professionals can put you on the right path. For more information, visit

How To Address Water Damage at Your Commercial Property

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

If you have water damage in your San Diego commercial property, it is important to hire experts to help you recover.

When you suffer water damage at your commercial property in San Diego, CA, all is not lost. No matter how bad the damage seems, the water cleanup process can help you regain what the flooding damaged or destroyed. Water restoration specialists have the expertise required to resolve your water problem from assessment to restoration.


The first thing the professionals are likely to do is to assess the damage. First, they find the source. Many things can cause water damage:

• Broken pipes
• Triggered fire sprinklers
• Storms
• Overflowing toilet
• Swelling groundwater

Once they have pinpointed the source, they can survey the damage. They may have to remove walls or flooring, and their initial assessment tells them that. They also may take the opportunity to test water for contamination.


After reviewing the problem, the technicians begin to extract the water. They may use industrial wet vacs, commercial size fans or other drying techniques. It is important to remove as much moisture as possible to keep mold from growing, thus exacerbating the problem. Wet items must also be removed.


Unless the damage was caused by broken pipes or supply lines, the water in question probably will be contaminated. Buildings affected by dirty water must be thoroughly cleaned before anyone can enter into them in order to work. After the specialists are finished drying out the building and salvaging the items they can, they must disinfect both the building and its contents.


The last goal of the professional remediation specialists is to make your commercial property in San Diego, CA, look as good as it did before. Walls that were torn out must be replaced. Carpet or tile that remains after pieces were discarded must be matched up with flooring that looks nice. Ideally, the building will look like it never had damage to begin with.

If you have water damage in your commercial property, it is important to hire experts to help you recover. Certified technicians are trained to do a thorough job. For more information, visit

How to Properly Use an Extinguisher

5/18/2018 (Permalink)

A fire extinguisher is a great safety tool you can put in your building.

Do you have a kitchen in your commercial building? Employees in Spring Valley, CA, may appreciate the convenience of having a small kitchenette at work, but this space could also increase the risk of a fire. If you do have a kitchen, your commercial fire damage mitigation team will tell you that having a fire extinguisher in the room is a must.

Not only is having the safety equipment important, but you need to make sure your tenants know how to use it. Below are the steps needed to properly use an extinguisher.

• Assess the flames. This safety tool is meant to stop a fire before it gets too big. If the flames are taller than you, you should evacuate rather than use the extinguisher.
• Consider the extinguisher. A fire extinguisher should have a gauge on it. If the needle is not in the green, the tank may not have the pressure needed to put the fire out. It may be a good idea to evacuate rather than try to use a faulty tool.
• Pull the pin. A small pin is used to keep the nozzle in an off position when the extinguisher is not in use. Before you can spray the foam inside and stop a kitchen fire, you need to pull out this pin.
• Aim the nozzle. For the best effect, you want the spray to hit the fire at its base. Point the nozzle in the right direction.
• Squeeze the trigger. You have to manually activate the extinguisher for the foam to come out. Try to keep your aim even when squeezing.
• Use a sweeping motion. You don't have to keep the nozzle completely stationery. You should actually sweep it from side to side at the base of the flames.

A fire extinguisher is a great safety tool you can put in your building. You should definitely have an extinguisher in areas prone to fires, such as kitchens. For more information, visit

Best Ways To Dry Your Sensitive Documents After a Flood

4/23/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you experience water damage in your business.

Anyone who has ever endured flooding in his or her Spring Valley, CA office knows the destruction that can take place. While you can replace some things such as flooring, furniture and even electronics, it can be a little difficult to deal with wet documents. If you have some papers for which there are no backup copies, you need to salvage and restore them in the most effective way possible. Fortunately, there are ways to dry and clean the most critical information.

Vacuum Freeze-Drying

In many cases, simply letting your wet documents hang out to dry like your laundry won’t be enough. Reputable companies can use a technique called vacuum freeze-drying to tackle the toughest jobs. This process usually consists of the following:

• Papers or books are placed in a vacuum chamber at a temperature of under 32 degrees
• Water is removed by a process called sublimation
• No additional distorting should occur

Gamma Irradiation

Document drying usually involves more than simply getting rid of water from your important papers. If there has been a flood in your Spring Valley, CA office building, there is probably a significant amount of dirt, bacteria, debris and other harmful substances on the paper. Through gamma irradiation, you can clean the papers and sterilize them in a safe and effective manner. This can help reduce the risk of these harmful components spreading and causing further damage to your documents or to you.


For the simplest problems following water damage at work, you can simply air-dry the documents. If this doesn’t work to completely dry your papers, you can contact the professionals for more intensive help. You can use this and all other methods on books, magazines, files, blueprints and more.

It’s important to address damage to wet documents as soon as possible. If you use these strategies, you can handle just about any job, no matter how difficult. Visit for more information on commercial water damage. 

Must-Haves in Your Building’s First Aid Kit

3/14/2018 (Permalink)

Emergencies aren’t easy to think about. They aren’t something you hope to go through or want to subject your business to. Your commercial building should feel like a safe place. Safe or not, however, natural disasters can and often do occur. People can be injured or trapped within your building. Without an emergency first aid kit, your Spring Valley, CA business could find itself in trouble. Even in nonemergency situations, accidents do happen. With an emergency kit, you can help with small injuries. In case of emergency, here are some tips on how to handle first aid.

What To Include in Kit

The first aid kit is one of the single most important tools you can utilize during an emergency. Here is what professionals say you should include:

• Directions for emergency assistance
• Gauze pads
• Adhesive bandages
• Wound cleanser
• Tweezers
• Latex gloves
• Splint
• Adhesive tape
• Resuscitation bag or pocket mask
• Scissors

Remember while you can never overstock your emergency kit, you can understock it. Predicting the injuries that may occur can be difficult. However, it’s better to be prepared for everything rather than preparing for very little. Most of these items are easy to gather up and may even come in a readymade kit.

How To React to Situation

In any emergency, staying calm is always advantageous. If someone is hurt, your panic could lead to poor decision making and could inevitably frighten people. Productivity is easier when you’re relaxed. Being calm and rational could save you or another person.

The unthinkable can sometimes happen. It’s important to be prepared so that you can focus on the task at hand. Whether you had a flood or fire emergency, there will be cleanup to consider afterwards and professional services to call. However, in the meantime, if someone is injured in your building, you don’t want to be without the right tools. Even the smallest amount of comfort or assistance can matter. Visit for more information on commercial storm damage

What Is Category 3 Water Damage?

1/18/2018 (Permalink)

All flood water can cause problems for your business in Bonita, CA but these floods aren’t always the same. That’s why industry professionals use categorization systems to classify floods. There are three main categories, each with a nickname:

• Category One: Clear or White Water
• Category Two: Grey Water
• Category Three: Black Water

As you can infer, Category Three water is the last type you want in your business. What makes a flood fit into this classification? Here is what you need to know about black water.

What Is Black Water?

Category Three water is liquid that has touched human feces. Just by contacting this waste, the water becomes grossly unsanitary. This is the main factor that sets this water apart from the other categories.

Is It Unsafe?

Because Category Three water was exposed to feces, it is unsafe for humans to contact. The water likely contains harmful bacteria, viruses, and even parasites. Wading into this flood water without proper protection can cause bodily harm.

This is one of the many reasons you should never attempt to restore black water damage yourself. Without special equipment and expertise, you cannot fully protect yourself.

What Does It Look Like?

How can you know if your flood is black water? This water may not be completely black. Any water that has a brown color could be Category Three. That’s why it’s important to play it safe and call the professionals.

That being said, black water does typically come from a few places: floods from rain, toilet overflow, and basement floods. Toilet overflow may seem obvious, but many people are surprised that rainwater becomes contaminated. As it falls, rainwater is fine. However, as it soaks the ground and floods businesses, it often carries sewage with it.

If you think your flood water in Bonita, CA, is Category 3, call a restoration crew immediately. This dangerous water cleanup should not be treated as a DIY opportunity.

For your commercial restoration emergency visit our webpage at

What To Do If You Experience Fire Damage At Your Business

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

What To Do If You Experience Fire Damage At Your Business

Fire is unpredictable and can occur in any in any business. Fire at your business premises can cause fire damage, soot damage, fire damage and smoke damage in the workplace. Utility room fire or electrical fire can cause commercial fire damage and require specialized immediate fire suppression Here is a guide on what to do when you experience commercial fire damage.

Emergency Contact

Fire restoration process begins when you contact the firefighters or fire restoration professionals. The firefighters provide emergency services and will respond promptly once contacted. The firefighters will inquire about the spread of fire to help them understand resources required. The appropriate equipment to minimize the spread of fire damage, soot damage or smoke damage include fire hose, fire trucks, fire suppression systems and fire sprinkler system.

Fire Damage Assessment

After putting off the fire at your business using fire sprinkler system or fire hose, the next thing is to assess the extent of commercial fire damage at your business premises. The fire restoration experts will examine the property to determine how far utility room fire, smoke or soot has spread. They will also investigate walls, office furniture, ceilings and floors to assess smoke damage and soot damage. Understanding the extent commercial fire damage in your business assists in creating an accurate action plan and cost estimation of soot damage. Additionally, an assessment will help identify the source of fire whether utility room fire or electrical fire and appropriate method to put off the light. In case of electrical fire, it is crucial to cut off electrical system supply to your business. Fire trucks use the fire hose to pour water on the fire from utility room or kitchen.

Sealing Services

The primary purpose of fire restoration at your offices is to minimize commercial fire damage. Firefighters and experts after extinguishing the fire using fire sprinkler system, fire hose, fire trucks, and fire suppressions will leave burned holes in roofs. The fire damage creates holes in walls and water pipe leakages causing water damage to your property. The fire restoration expert will guide you on securing business files or office furniture to minimize further smoke damage, soot damage or water damage.


Fire clean-up is the next thing to do in fire restoration of your business premises. Clean up involves cleaning away soot, dust, and smoke from business furniture. The smoke damage leaves stains and dark spots on your property. The experts will also carry out water damage restoration. Standing water pools from fire hose, fire trucks, fire suppression, fire sprinkler system or from broken pipes during damage is removed using pumps. Clean up removes smoke smell from business offices. You can remove all damaged items of business. The insurance company takes a full inventory of damaged items. Air scrubbers and fogging equipment remove odors left by smoke.

Repairs and Renovations

Next, carry out repairs and renovations on damaged business items. For electrical fire, install the electrical systems again. Faulty electrical wires can be replaced to avoid future electrical fires in the workplace. Cabinets and furniture destroyed by smoke can be repaired or replaced with new ones. Repaint all the walls. The utility room fire door can be fixed or installed in the kitchen or laundry. Destroyed offices or rooms in your business may require significant reconstruction.

When your business experiences fire outbreak, it is essential to contact the firefighter to put off the flames and guide you in the restoration of your offices. The restoration experts will assess smoke damage on your property and provide seal services on the business property. Next, they will clean dust, smoke, and soot on surfaces of your office items. Clean all smoke and odor. Renovate and repair damaged furniture. The premises will look presentable, and business operations will continue as usual. However, it is crucial to consult emergency services and the fire department who will guide on fire preventive measures to be undertaken.
Visit for more information on commercial fire damage.

Fire Suppression Systems

9/22/2017 (Permalink)

Fire damage resulting mainly from the electrical fire can be quite complex and tricky to handle. Unless, one has undergone the necessary training to deal with electrical fire damage, its best to leave that one to the experts.

The utility room fire is the most common causes of commercial fire damage, and this is attributed to electrical fire. However, the utility room fire can be prevented by business installing fire suppression systems in the organization.

The fire suppression systems include things like the sprinkler system, aerosol suppression, and gaseous suppression. Business should also consider installing fire hose and fire sprinkler systems in their various departments. It is important to have some fire hose and fire sprinkler systems in the organization to help in the event of a fire breaking out, especially the utility room fire caused by electrical fire. There are many types of fire sprinkler systems that the organization can buy in the market.

Actions to take in case of commercial fire damage

9/21/2017 (Permalink)

Actions to take in case of commercial fire damage

It is important to always take precaution to prevent the eventuality of commercial fire damage. Your business premises should be at all times be equipped with fire suppression systems. The fire suppression tools are crucial in extinguishing or preventing fire damage. Commercial fire damage can be quite fatal both to the owner and other people using the commercial building.

Fire damage resulting mainly from the electrical fire can be quite complex and tricky to handle. Unless, one has undergone the necessary training to deal with electrical fire damage, its best to leave that one to the experts. The utility room fire is the most common causes of commercial fire damage, and this is attributed to electrical fire. However, the utility room fire can be prevented by business installing fire suppression systems in the organization. The fire suppression systems include things like the sprinkler system, aerosol suppression, and gaseous suppression. Business should also consider installing fire hose and fire sprinkler systems in their various departments. It is important to have some fire hose and fire sprinkler systems in the organization to help in the event of a fire breaking out, especially the utility room fire caused by electrical fire. There are many types of fire sprinkler systems that the organization can buy in the market.

However, commercial fire can happen at any time and finds you unprepared or becomes hard for you to put off the fire. In such a case, it is only necessary that you get to hire fire restoration experts to do the work for you. The fire restoration experts come with their fire fighting tools, fire trucks and their fire firefighters to help in the process.

Process of fire damage restoration

There are many experts offering fire restoration services nowadays. Whenever there is damage caused by fire, it’s only vital to consider hiring the firefighters to help you with the restoration. The firefighters are well-trained experts to help people put off fires. These experts do not only possess knowledge of putting off fire but also restoring your premises to the right conditions. A fire loss is quite divesting to the business and the general public in whole and can be best handled by experts.

Visit for more information on fire damage.

Why hire the experts at SERVPRO of Spring Valley/Jamul?

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Why hire these experts?

Fire damage leaves your premises at a much-divested situation and with most of your stuff critically damaged. Moreover, fire trucks do not help much in restoring the rightful conditions of your building. Your premises are left with a lot of soot damage and smoke damage when a fire damage occurs. The soot damage and the smoke damage can only be removed using certain fire equipment that the fire restoration professionals use. You are therefore saved the struggle to clean up the mess caused by the commercial fire damage by these experts. These experts are aware of the soot damage and know best how to clean up the soot using the right equipment. Moreover, the experts who are mainly firefighters are well dressed in bunker gear and are trained to handle the soot damage in a professional manner. Also, the experts can remove the bad smoke odor caused by the smoke damage using certain human-friendly chemicals.


Commercial business will benefit from fire restoration services especially when there is damage by fire on their premises. Smoke damage and soot damage results to damage of crucial files and equipment in the business. If the smoke damage and soot damage will not be restored on time, it can lead to drastic and costly effects occurrences. The good thing about hiring fire fighters with restoration knowledge is that they will clean up the mess caused commercial fire damage. These experts have their fire trucks, firefighters, fire hoses and much more equipment. It means that they are well equipped and armed to deal with the commercial fire damage restoration. Therefore, it is only best to hire these experts and not only to settle on the fire trucks but also other services. They will be in a position to check your fire sprinkler systems, fire hose and other things to prevent future fire loss, especially the utility room fire.

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Recovery from Fire Damage

8/29/2017 (Permalink)

Recovery from Fire Damage

Fire damages vary with how fast fire is put out. Destruction may be minimal and the victim can restore the appearance of the structure needs to be done professionally. After the fire is put out, it leaves behind its product which will continue to affect the house if fire cleanup is not done.

Fire damage restoration companies are professionals who restore a place to its pre-fire conditions. The restoration companies have professionals are trained in fire cleanup. The fire cleanup services will vary according to where the fire occurred.
Fire in home may affect just a family while a fire in business will affect one business unit or many units.

Fire and smoke damage restoration require skills. These professionals are trained to clean commercial fire damages, smoke smell, roof-trap and board up, clean smoke damages, soot damages and restore the items both domestic and commercial fire damages.
In an event that fire breaks out and is put out, it’s advisable one to get in touch with fire damage restoration professionals soon enough for fire clean up.

Professional restoration Company prevents further damages caused by fire and smoke products such as smoke cells, soot, and ash. Ash discolor surfaces, while smoke damage and soot damage cause corrosion and smoke smell. If the professional is not hired early enough the process of fire damage restoration becomes expensive with time.

The first fire cleanup activity the professionals do when he/she arrives at a building damaged by fire is to assess the full extent of damage which includes the impact fire products such as smoke, heat and ash and their respective damages. He then informs the owner of the action plan to be taken to have a full restoration.

The next step is to take after fire damage has occurred is to the board up and putting roof tarps. The fire damage restoration company will help you to repair the wall, board up the windows and tarp the roof to ensure that your property is safe. In the case of fire in home or fire in business board up and roof tarping should be done in order to ensure that your property does not experience another damage from other causes such as rain or destruction by outsiders.

During fire extinguishing process, water mixed with industrial Carbon dioxide is used. Normally, fire in home is put out using water. In the process, items get soaked with water. The next process after board up is drying the place. It is done mainly using dehumidifiers or air movers. Water is removed because it causes a corrosive effect when it mixes with smoke and ash which are both acidic. Their effects are adverse in the long run.

After drying, the damages restoration company can tackle smoke damage and soot damage. This damages especially the smoke damage cause discoloring of the wall marked by black spots of soot damage. The assessment of the damage should indicate whether the damage resulting from smoke damage will be cleaned up or the affected areas will be repainted. The restoration company’s crew is well trained and have special equipment that can be used to address this issues.

After fire damage, some smoke smell might linger even after fire cleanup process is done. The process of getting rid of the smoke smell can be done by cleaning all the items that were affected by the fire in business and especially those that can be reused. Air is then cleaned using industrial air scrubbers, Airwash purifiers, and fogging equipment.

The last part of fire damage restoration involves the restoration process whereby the property is made to appear as before pre-fire condition. Such activities may include reconstruction of large areas or rooms where board up cannot be a solution, painting and replacing of the affected carpets and finally installing new items to replace the destroyed ones especially in cases of commercial fire damage.

Fire damage can cause losses in residential and commercial areas. Destruction of furniture and other items in both fire in business and fire in homes may retard one’s ability to stay in his home or to produce income to pay his overheads. In the case of residential or commercial fire damage hiring a professional restoration company can help you to get back to normal operations in the property.
Visit for more information on fire damage.

What You Should Know About Fire Damage Restoration

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What You Should Know About Fire Damage Restoration

Should a business owner suffer a fire in their business, there are many factors to be considered when handling the commercial fire damage. The same goes for a fire in a home. The fire damage can cause a major setback. The smoke damage affects air quality, and the soot damage can present major hazards also. Fire cleanup and the analysis of the extent of the fire loss is a big job that needs to be handled by trained professionals.

The fire damage in a home may seem like a job that can be handled by the owner. This is not advised, as most people don't have the tools or knowledge to handle such a job. The soot damage and smoke damage can affect asthma by poor air quality. Water damage from fighting the fire also adds to the risk. Items in the fire loss can be water logged and much heavier. After a fire in the home, it's normal to want to tackle the problem and handle the fire cleanup.

Commercial fire damage from a fire in a business also may affect merchandise and future sales. If customers are able to smell the smoke damage or see soot damage, they will be concerned. The air quality in a store must be at a safe level to avoid potential suits. It's always wise to have an insurance adjuster look at the fire damage when a fire in a business occurs. The adjuster is familiar with assessing commercial fire damage and exactly what will be entailed in the fire cleanup.

After a fire in the home, it's also important to have the fire cleanup estimated. An insurance adjuster will visit the property to see exactly the extent of what needs to be replaced after the fire damage, and what financial effects the fire loss will have on the property. At a minimum, the policy should be able to cover the smoke damage, soot damage and any other damage needed to get the house back to reasonable condition with the air quality being tolerable, and not a danger to one's health from the fire damage.

Whether there's been a fire in the home, or a fire in the business resulting in commercial fire damage, a fire cleanup and restoration company can often take care of the smoke damage, soot damage and restore the air quality. Many times the fire loss is undetectable and can be restored to "like new" conditions.

Taking care of the fire loss whether it's a fire in a home, commercial fire damage or a fire in a business can be stressful. It's important that the fire damage is properly handled to avoid even further complications from dangers presented by environmental factors if the proper steps in dealing with a fire cleanup aren't taken. At the very least, the soot damage, air quality and smoke damage must be resolved for the health of everyone in a fire in a home or a fire in a business, resulting in commercial fire damage. Contact a certified professional right away! Visit for more information on fire damage.

Fire Loss Restoration in Spring Valley, CA

3/24/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Loss Restoration in Spring Valley, CA

When fire strikes your home or business in Spring Valley, CA, you can never truly be ready. The best you can do is be educated about your options and get the best help to repair the damages and get your life back to normal. Fire cleanup is no easy task. Fire damage, water damage from fire, smoke damage and soot damage need be addressed by seasoned professionals.

The primary consideration when a fire has been put out and damage can be assessed is whether the home or business is safe for habitation. If the damage is minor, staying in your home or returning to work is a possibility. If there is any structural damage it is best to find other accommodations until it can be repaired. Other concerns are electrical issues and slip and fall hazards. If these dangers are minor and you are equipped to deal with them, you can consider staying in your home or working in your office. Remember that wet materials are very heavy and it may take strength to move and deal with these objects.

After a Fire

The aftermath of fire damage and water damage from a fire in Spring Valley or Jamul, California should include the following precautions:

• Keep soot damage to a minimum by limiting movement in the home. This will prevent particles from becoming embedded into carpets and upholstery.
• Wash hands often to prevent the transfer of soot to furniture and walls.
• In high traffic areas, place towels and old linens on the rugs and upholstery to minimize additional damage.
• Empty your refrigerator and freezer and prop the doors open if there is no electricity.
• A light coat of petroleum jelly or oil will help clean and protect chrome surfaces.
• Revive your houseplants by washing on both sides of the leaves.
• Put double layers of cheesecloth over air registers and change the HVAC filters.

Things Not to Do After a Fire

After a fire, residents of California should take precautions during the fire cleanup process. Contacting an experienced fire damage professional in Jamul, CA will assist you in ensuring the process goes smoothly and prevents further damage to your property. Here are a few precautions you can take:

• Do to smoke and soot damage, don’t attempt to wash painted surfaces such as walls or shampoo carpet and upholstery. Contact your fire clean-up professional first.
• Never attempt to eat food or beverages that were in close proximity to the fire, water or heat.
• Don’t use any fixtures attached to a wet ceiling. The wiring may have been damaged.
• Do not send clothing to a regular dry cleaner. Soot and smoke odor may be set permanently if the proper cleaning procedures are not followed.

Hire a Professional Fire Clean-Up Service

Residents in Jamal will benefit from a professional service assessing and addressing issues following a fire. A professional will provide structural cleaning. After determining the extent of the damage, experienced pros will thoroughly clean walls, ceilings, furniture, carpet, and flooring. A good service uses specific equipment and products to clean light soot deposits, preventing the cost of repainting or refinishing those surfaces. If significant damage has been done, the experienced pros will be able to prepare surfaces and properly deodorize the smoke damage so that new paint and finish will properly adhere.

Content cleaning involves all the items able to be restored. Contents will need to be properly cleaned and deodorize including furniture, drapes, rugs, and upholstery. Testing of fabrics should be conducted to determine which products and cleaning methods will be the most effective. All contents should be restored to their condition before the fire including art, electronics, furniture, clothing, and bedding.

Air quality after a fire is a consideration. Find a service that will eliminate offensive odor caused by fire and smoke and return your building to the pre-fire air quality. Don’t use a company that covers odors with a fragrance, find a service that determines the source of odors and removes them. Make sure your professional is able to explain the deodorization methods and determine which one will work best for you and your home or business.

Overview of Procedures Following a Fire

Your professional clean-up specialists should contact you within an hour of notice after a fire. You need to know that help is on the way. The company should be on site within four hours of notification to begin the mitigation service which is key to reducing costs.The experienced professional will walk you through the entire clean-up process and explain what to expect and possible outcomes. In eight hours, a good company will be able to provide a briefing with the scope of the clean-up project to the insurance adjustor or property manager.

The next step in the process is pretesting for what can be restored, beginning with the source of the damage and working outward before cleaning, restoring and deodorizing. The company should have the latest knowledge, products, and equipment to ensure the job is done correctly.

Specialized cleaning will be needed for some items such as electronics. The experienced professional will know how to properly clean the metal casing to prevent moisture and residue from causing corrosion. Artwork may require an art restorer. The seasoned professional will subcontract fine art if it is damaged. In any case, a detailed list of the items that are restorable and those that are not should be presented and explained. A summary of the findings along with the steps that will be taken for cleaning and restoration should be presented.

Finally, after the completion of the job, a walk-through should be completed. The customer should be completely satisfied with the job. If there are questions or concerns, they should be addressed immediately by the clean-up supervisor.Following these steps will help reduce the expenses from an unexpected fire in your home or business and quickly restore property back to its pre-fire state. After a fire has occurred in your home or business, locating an experienced fire clean-up specialist is the quickest and most guaranteed way to restore your home back to normal. Visit for more information on fire damage and cleanup services.

Do you know what SERVPRO does?

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Have you ever wondered what all those green trucks and vans do? Well, here at SERPVRO we provide 24-hour emergency service and are dedicated to responding faster to any size disaster. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. With initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO's Corporate Training Facility and regular IICRC industry certifications, we are prepared to handle any residential or commercial water, fire, or storm damage restoration. We also provide mold remediation and cleaning services for both residential and commercial. SERVPRO is a trusted leader in the restoration industry and SERVPRO of Spring Valley / Jamul is locally owned and operated, so we’re already close by and ready to respond immediately when you need us, but we’re also part of a national network of over 1,700 franchises, which gives us access to more resources for larger cleaning or restoration projects or major storm scenarios. Call us today with any questions.

Our founder Ted Isaacson

1/21/2017 (Permalink)

Ted Isaacson

We were very saddened to hear about the loss of our founder, Ted Isaacson. Ted and his wife, Doris Isaacson, started SERVPRO back in 1967 in Sacramento, CA. It originally started as a painting company, but quickly became a cleanup and restoration company that sold it's first franchise in 1969. Now 47 years later, as we say goodbye to Ted, SERVPRO has over 1,700 franchises operating nationwide and it continues to grow. In 2016 Entrepreneur Magazine, SERVPRO was ranked #4 Franchise Opportunity overall, up from #7 in 2013-2015, and #1 in the Restoration Services category. We are so proud to be a part of this amazing company and we owe where we are today to Ted and Doris. Our thoughts and prayers are with their family and friends.

Evacuating Your Building in 2 Minutes

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What is something you can do in less than 2 minutes? You can make a cup of coffee, floss your teeth, or eat send an email. But did you know that you can also evacuate your building in 2 minutes. When a fire alarm goes off in a building there is precious time to evacuate. Many employees second guess a fire alarm. It is important to treat each alarm as if it's real.

Everyone know how to escape their house in less than 2 minutes? But it's time to learn how to escape their building in the same amount of time. For more information on the proper procedure, please visit the American Red Cross at And check out this video:

Be Prepared with an ERP

2/29/2016 (Permalink)

No one plans on a disaster, but you can plan for it

The SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile (ERP) will help ensure you are "Ready for whatever happens." In the event of an emergency, the ERP can help minimize business interruption by having an immediate plan of action in place for your facility. The ERP is a comprehensive document containing critical information about your business, including emergency contacts, shut-off valve locations and priority areas. Contact us at 619-600-5305 to schedule yours today!