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How To Prepare Your Building for Storm Season

8/17/2018 (Permalink)

Fallen tree by storm damage in a Jamul, CA home

When storm season approaches in Jamul, CA, it is important to make sure your building is ready to withstand the oncoming onslaught. Regular exterior maintenance is the key to preventing problems that arise from storm flooding. To make sure your commercial property is ready, you need to perform a regular building inspection on all exteriors.

Inspect the Cladding

Cladding is the layer that covers and protects surfaces from exposure to the elements and the potential subsequent damage. Your cladding needs to be repaired if you see any of the following problems:

  • Patches of rust
  • Peeling top layer
  • Warped or loosened cladding

Weaknesses in the cladding can lead to a greater vulnerability to storm flooding. Exterior maintenance, preferably by certified professionals, may need to be done in order to ensure that your building is protected.

Inspect the Walls

Floodwaters can get into the tiniest cracks, so you need to be vigilant when it comes to keeping the exterior walls of your building maintained. You want to do more than just peer at them with your naked eyes. Tests can be performed on the air or water infiltration levels. That is, professionals can discern how much water your walls are likely to let in and how you can stop it.

Inspect the Windows

The windows are some of the most vulnerable features of your building's exterior. There are several parts of the window that may be prone to leakage, especially if the window is opened frequently, causing enhanced wear and tear. Make sure you have adequate weather stripping to keep everything sealed tight. Check for holes and proper insulation. You can also enhance your window's protection with upgrades such as electrochromic glass.

Don't let storm season sneak up on you. By conducting regular inspections and exterior maintenance, you can ensure that your commercial property can fend for itself, protecting its interiors against the average storm.

5 Signs You Need To Replace Your Toilet

8/10/2018 (Permalink)

Sewage backup in a Spring Valley, CA home

A leaking toilet can cause a lot of water damage in your Spring Valley, CA, home. If you let the fixture remain in your bathroom, you may have recurring water problems. It can be hard to know when a repair can fix the problem or when you need to replace the toilet. Use these tips to help you figure out what's right for your situation.

1. Standing water at the base. Standing water around your toilet is a sure sign you have a leak. You may notice this puddle of water if the seal of your toilet is old and worn out. Not only could this stream of fluids cause damage, but it can cost you money in wasted water too.
2. Widespread corrosion. An old toilet may have rust on some metal parts. If you notice this corrosion on multiple pieces of your fixture, it's often better to replace it rather than try to repair it.
3. Cracks in the porcelain. Cracks in the tank or bowl can also lead to a leaking toilet. These cracks may form over time or when a heavy object falls on the toilet. Look for signs of damage every time you clean the bathroom.
4. Constant running. A constantly running toilet usually points to a worn-out flapper or a misaligned float. Sometimes this issue can be addressed with a toilet repair, however, in some cases a replacement may be best.
5. Hissing in the tank. Do you hear a strange hissing sound coming from your tank? This could be a sign that water is being forced through a smaller-than-normal hole. Whether you have sediment buildup or a worn-out valve, it could be a sign that you need to think about a replacement soon.

If you have a leaking toilet, you should call in a plumber and water remediation team to address the situation. Working with these professionals can help you figure out if a repair or replacement is best for you.

Why Electronics Require Professional Damage After a Fire

8/10/2018 (Permalink)

Countertop damaged after fire in Bonita, CA home

When your company is affected by a fire, the damage extends to more than just the structure of the building. Smoke and soot and the water from the firefighters' hoses could also cause damage to furnishings and equipment. Electronics are particularly sensitive to damages. After an electrical fire or any time your electronics have been exposed to smoke and soot, that equipment will need special attention.

1. What Happens When Electronics Are Exposed to Smoke

Even if there wasn't any fire in your building, the smoke that covers your electronics could cause the devices to overheat and premature failure. The inside components of the electronics often become coated with a black film that prevents heat-producing parts from getting adequate ventilation. Finally, smoke may be magnetically charged, leading to shorted circuits and adding to the risk of over-heating.

2. Soot Damages Electrical Components

Wherever smoke travels, soot is likely to settle. The acidity in the soot actually causes more damage than smoke. This acidity is often responsible for the disintegration of internal elements and the destruction of metal components.

3. Turning Devices On Could Destroy the Equipment

After the fire, you can be hurt when handling damaged electronics. Additionally, the wrong touch of a button could cause the loss of vital information. For these reasons, computer cleanup should be handled by experienced restoration professionals. Do not turn any of the electronics on to prevent hazardous exposure and further damages. If you do turn them on, the corrosive acids left by soot could lead to another electrical fire or immediately cause the device to fail.

An Immediate Response Is Vital

The best way to prevent the loss of computer data is to always have your information backed up to a storage device located somewhere else or stored to the cloud. The next best step is to get your equipment to a professional as quickly as possible. These technicians have the training and equipment necessary to prevent further losses of information. Prevent further electrical fire outbreaks by turning electronics over to professionals in Bonita, CA.

Quick Facts About Mold and Remediation

7/24/2018 (Permalink)

Professionals can advise you about mold prevention.

It doesn't take long for a building to become infested with mold once moisture takes hold. A leaky pipe, rain in the attic, or a flooded basement could all lead to mold growth. Give those spores just two to three days and the entire property could be affected. If you live an area of high humidity or have any other reason to believe mold is present in your Spring Valley, CA, building, you need to have the right facts to deal with the problem.

Mold Facts

• Microscopic mold spores are everywhere, inside and outside.
• Spores are often airborne and may travel into your home through open windows or doors.
• Spores are likely to travel on your clothing, on a pet, or through the air conditioner or heater.
• Mold can grow quickly wherever there's water or moisture. If your indoor humidity is higher than usual, mold growth could occur.
• Sometimes a musty odor will help you locate problem areas.

Water Damage Facts

• The types of mold present in the building depend on the extent of water exposure. Long-lasting damage is more likely when excess water is allowed to sit.
• Water can lead to direct damage, such as swollen wood, and indirect damage, such as rotting wood. Water and elevated levels of humidity often lead to indirect damage through the growth of mold.
• Some of the leading causes of water damage (and mold) include broken dishwasher hoses, overflowing appliances, damaged pipes, clogged toilets, foundation cracks, and moisture behind walls.

Remediation Facts

• If you've found mold, stay out of the area, and don't allow anyone to disturb it.
• Turn off your HVAC and other fans.
• Contact a professional right away.
• Don't try to dry the area yourself, and don't put bleach or other disinfectants on the mold. This may interfere with the specialized equipment professionals use.
• It's impossible to remove all mold, but remediation experts can bring mold levels back to appropriate levels.

Professionals can advise you about mold prevention. Whether you're recovering from mold growth or looking for ways to protect your Spring Valley, CA, property, area professionals can put you on the right path. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com/.

Dos and Don’ts for Putting Out Grease Fires

7/24/2018 (Permalink)

Remember these dos and don’ts to keep your home safe when you cook.

Cooking with grease is one of the leading causes of kitchen fires in homes. Hopefully, you’ll never experience the damage that one can cause in your Spring Valley, CA, home, but if you encounter a grease fire while cooking, there are a few things you can do to put it out.

• DO: Turn Off the Heat

The first thing to do is turn off the heat source. Fires need heat to thrive.

• DO: Cover the Fire

Smothering the fire prevents oxygen from fueling the flames. Use a cookie sheet or a metal lid to cover the fire. Glass and ceramic can explode from heat, making them dangerous to use as a cover.

• DO: Pour on Some Baking Soda

If you’re up against a small fire, pouring baking soda onto the flames will put it out. This only works for small fires because it requires a lot of baking soda to do the job.

• DO: Use a Fire Extinguisher (If You Must)

For worst case scenarios, Class K or B fire extinguishers will put out grease flames. This will make a mess and contaminate your kitchen, however. After using an extinguisher, experts can assist with fire cleanup.

• DON’T: Pour on Water

Pouring water onto grease can actually make the fire worse. Remember that water and oil do not mix!

• DON’T: Use Other Baking Products

Baking soda is the only baking product that can put out a grease fire. Baking powder and flour look similar but have different reactions with flames.

• DON’T: Use Fabric to Swat at the Fire

Using a kitchen rag, blanket or other fabric to swat at a fire only fans the flames. Even worse, the fabric is flammable and can catch fire, too.

A grease fire is preventable if you stay close to food while it cooks and use safety precautions, but accidents do happen. Remember these dos and don’ts to keep your home safe when you cook. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com//

How To Mitigate Mold After a Flood

7/24/2018 (Permalink)

Unmitigated mold growth after a storm in Spring Valley, CA, can wreak havoc on your home and your health.

Recovering from a flood at your home in Spring Valley, CA, can be an overwhelming and time consuming process. If you do not act quickly after the storm, standing water can breed bacteria and encourage mold growth. Questions you may ask after a flood can include:

• How do you know if mold is growing?
• How quickly do you need to act?
• What steps do you take to mitigate the problem?

How Does Mold Grow?

Mold spores are everywhere in the environment. Typically, the spores do not endanger you or your home at normal levels. However, these microscopic organisms can flourish under the right conditions. Mold needs moisture to grow and spread. After a flood, the standing water in your home is the perfect environment for mold to multiply. Dampness remaining in floors, walls and basements after the flood water subsides can cause mold growth in as little as 48 hours. So, be on the lookout for an earthy, musty smell indicative of mold. The color of mold varies, including black, brown, white, green or orange.

How Is Mold Remediated?

Mold cannot be completely eradicated, as it exists in nature and is everywhere. It can be remediated in your home by taking the following steps:

• Act fast to prevent the mold from developing and spreading. Immediately contact a team of water restoration and mold remediation specialists to remove the excess standing water. The company inspects for visible and hidden mold and moisture, contains the affected area, and filters spores from the air. Porous materials are removed, such as carpeting, and remaining surfaces are treated for bacteria, cleaned and sanitized.
• Your role as the homeowner is to immediately turn off the HVAC system if you suspect mold growth. This will prevent the further spread of spores. Do not touch the mold or attempt to clean it yourself.

Unmitigated mold growth after a storm in Spring Valley, CA, can wreak havoc on your home and your health. Recognize the signs and act quickly by having a mold remediation specialist out to your home as soon as possible after your home floods. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com/.

What to Do When the Water Heater Leaks

6/20/2018 (Permalink)

A leaking water heater in your San Diego home can cause a lot of damage and time is a critical factor for cleaning

You just got back from the grocery, with your arms full of bags, when you open the garage door and see water everywhere. You follow the path and realize that you have a leaking water heater. Well, put the milk in the fridge and read this quick guide for some immediate steps to take before the water remediation specialists arrive.

Safety First

Whenever there is a leak in your home in San Diego, you should first mitigate your personal injury risk. Be sure to turn off the electricity at your main circuit breaker panel before doing any cleaning around the broken water heater. Also think of electrical areas you may not be able to see, realizing that anywhere the water has contacted electricity, including wiring in the walls or under the floor, is dangerous. Once the electrocution risk is eliminated, also be careful to avoid slipping and falling from the water.

Stop the Leak

Now that you've turned off the power, you can turn off the cold water supply that leads to your leaking water heater. Usually, the valve on the water supply pipe is the only thing you will need to turn off, but if you can't access that area, you may need to turn off your main household water supply.

Start Cleaning

It's very important to thoroughly clean the water as quickly as you can. Here are few things you can do to clean the mess from the failed water heater while you wait for restoration professionals to arrive:

• Remove excess water with mops and rags.
• Remove smaller fixtures and furniture from the water and wipe them dry.
• Protect furniture legs by putting wooden blocks or aluminum foil underneath.
• Remove personal belongings from the water.
• Increase airflow in the room by running fans and turning up the air conditioning.

A leaking water heater can cause a lot of damage and time is a critical factor for cleaning. You'll need to carefully follow instructions from the professionals to avoid complications, such as further contaminated water from exposure to hazardous chemicals or microbes. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com/.

First Aid Kit Essentials for Your Building

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

You never know when disaster may strike, which is why it’s essential to have a first aid kit in your building. An emergency kit can be critical to preventing further injury while waiting for a San Diego, CA emergency response teams. But just what makes up a good first aid kit, and what should you keep in stock at all times?

Safety First

The important thing to remember about a first aid kit is that it’s not meant to act as a substitute for proper medical care and treatment in a safe healthcare facility. It’s meant to provide immediate response to situations involving illness and injury to stabilize and treat the injured or sick person until they can receive further care. With that in mind, your first aid kit should have:

• Gauze pads in varying sizes, preferably from 4 x 4” squares to 6 x 10” pads
• A roll of gauze
• Triangular bandages
• Band-Aids or other adhesive bandages
• Adhesive tape
• Scissors
• Latex or vinyl gloves for safety and cleanliness
• Moistened towelettes for wound cleaning
• Tweezers
• Resuscitation equipment
• Blankets
• A splint
• Elastic wraps

One other thing you should always include in your first aid kit is emergency contact information for local emergency services. While everyone knows to call 911 in the event of an emergency, it can also be useful to have contact numbers for local fire and police departments.

One thing to keep in mind is that the materials in a first aid kit can expire. You should always double-check the supplies on a regular basis, and replace anything that’s expired. Considering that others in the office may make use of the kit without replenishing it, you should also periodically check the supplies to ensure everything is inadequate supply. Safety also means preparedness, and always ensuring you have the appropriate supplies on hand. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com/.

How To Address Water Damage at Your Commercial Property

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

If you have water damage in your San Diego commercial property, it is important to hire experts to help you recover.

When you suffer water damage at your commercial property in San Diego, CA, all is not lost. No matter how bad the damage seems, the water cleanup process can help you regain what the flooding damaged or destroyed. Water restoration specialists have the expertise required to resolve your water problem from assessment to restoration.


The first thing the professionals are likely to do is to assess the damage. First, they find the source. Many things can cause water damage:

• Broken pipes
• Triggered fire sprinklers
• Storms
• Overflowing toilet
• Swelling groundwater

Once they have pinpointed the source, they can survey the damage. They may have to remove walls or flooring, and their initial assessment tells them that. They also may take the opportunity to test water for contamination.


After reviewing the problem, the technicians begin to extract the water. They may use industrial wet vacs, commercial size fans or other drying techniques. It is important to remove as much moisture as possible to keep mold from growing, thus exacerbating the problem. Wet items must also be removed.


Unless the damage was caused by broken pipes or supply lines, the water in question probably will be contaminated. Buildings affected by dirty water must be thoroughly cleaned before anyone can enter into them in order to work. After the specialists are finished drying out the building and salvaging the items they can, they must disinfect both the building and its contents.


The last goal of the professional remediation specialists is to make your commercial property in San Diego, CA, look as good as it did before. Walls that were torn out must be replaced. Carpet or tile that remains after pieces were discarded must be matched up with flooring that looks nice. Ideally, the building will look like it never had damage to begin with.

If you have water damage in your commercial property, it is important to hire experts to help you recover. Certified technicians are trained to do a thorough job. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com/.

Restoring Recent Water Damage

5/31/2018 (Permalink)

Mitigation of flood damage can help you remove water in your home before it becomes water damage.

A water damage restoration crew will assist to minimize flood damage by using a water cleanup crew to remove water in your home. Drying the water damage completely after a successful water cleanup will likely help you to avoid any permanent water damage. Water in a business causing flood damage can be dealt with in the same way.

Water Damage Restoration

You must start working quickly not letting any water sit. Mold can grow within 24 hours of the water damage occurring. If someone began water cleanup soon, they could avoid permanent flood damage. The same rule applies for water in a business, don't wait more than 24 hours to begin your water damage restoration project.

Water in Your Business

Having water in your business is just as bad as having water in your home and be dealt with much the same way. The first thing that should be done is that everything needs to be taken out. You will have to assess all of the property that you bring out to see if anything is worth saving. If any furniture is entirely soaked, it should be gotten rid of. If something is just a little bit damp, it can be set outside in the sun and open air movement for drying.

Mitigation, Mitigation, Mitigation

When everything has been removed from the area, water cleanup can begin. Water in a home can be extracted in a few different ways. A pump can be used to move large amounts of water outside of the home. A vacuum that can be used with water will help once the pump has done its job. After that, a mop can be utilized. Remove all the water that you can.
Drying With Powerful Air Movement

Water in a business is removed in the same way. After you have done what you can using the other tools, pick up an industrial fan and a high capacity dehumidifier. The dehumidifier will remove moisture from the air while the powerful fans will direct air movement to where it is needed the most. Drying is sped up this way so that mold does not have the time to multiply.
Bringing Back Your Furniture

It is better to get rid of a sofa than it is to put one with water damage that will spawn mold back into your newly restored area. Make sure that the pieces you did save don't have any funny smells to them or anything after they are dried with air movement. That's a good sign that your piece of furniture is moldy.

Water Damage Restoration is an easy way to save a lot of money on the permanent flood damages associated with water damage. By completely drying a home or business quickly, mold will not be an issue. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on water damage.

How to Properly Use an Extinguisher

5/18/2018 (Permalink)

A fire extinguisher is a great safety tool you can put in your building.

Do you have a kitchen in your commercial building? Employees in Spring Valley, CA, may appreciate the convenience of having a small kitchenette at work, but this space could also increase the risk of a fire. If you do have a kitchen, your commercial fire damage mitigation team will tell you that having a fire extinguisher in the room is a must.

Not only is having the safety equipment important, but you need to make sure your tenants know how to use it. Below are the steps needed to properly use an extinguisher.

• Assess the flames. This safety tool is meant to stop a fire before it gets too big. If the flames are taller than you, you should evacuate rather than use the extinguisher.
• Consider the extinguisher. A fire extinguisher should have a gauge on it. If the needle is not in the green, the tank may not have the pressure needed to put the fire out. It may be a good idea to evacuate rather than try to use a faulty tool.
• Pull the pin. A small pin is used to keep the nozzle in an off position when the extinguisher is not in use. Before you can spray the foam inside and stop a kitchen fire, you need to pull out this pin.
• Aim the nozzle. For the best effect, you want the spray to hit the fire at its base. Point the nozzle in the right direction.
• Squeeze the trigger. You have to manually activate the extinguisher for the foam to come out. Try to keep your aim even when squeezing.
• Use a sweeping motion. You don't have to keep the nozzle completely stationery. You should actually sweep it from side to side at the base of the flames.

A fire extinguisher is a great safety tool you can put in your building. You should definitely have an extinguisher in areas prone to fires, such as kitchens. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com/.

Dealing With a Water Loss in Spring Valley California

5/18/2018 (Permalink)

Spring Valley California and Jamul CA are in San Diego County, and it is very beautiful there. There are mostly sunny days, and the last thing that anyone would think of would be a flood. However, at times the rain is so intense that flooding is a possibility. Even so, it is possible for someone in their home to have a leaky pipe or a pipe that breaks. This can cause water damage just as severe as a flood.

When a home suffers flood damage or water damage, it can be just as bad as a fire or a storm that has high enough winds to do damage to property. Whenever water arrives unexpectedly in enough quantity to soak your belongings, they are as good as gone. When this type of water in home or water in business damage occurs most of your belongings become soaked and very susceptible to bacteria and mold which is impossible to get rid of.

Items such as sofas, pillows, pictures, carpeting, padding, draperies, tapestries, drywall, electrical systems, and other items that soak up water will all be ruined. The first thought might be to attempt to salvage some of these things, but it is hopeless to try to do so. The mold and bacteria will soon set in, and it is impossible to dry out these items.

Mold is an organism that grows from a tiny spore that floats through the air. All it needs is a moist spot, a dark place, and no moving air. Once a spore lands and finds these conditions, it will grow. It grows rapidly too. One small patch can grow over an entire wall in a week or so.

An individual should not try to wipe off the mold because it has roots. People should not expose themselves to the mold because it begins giving off spores as it grows and if inhaled can lead to health and respiratory problems. Mold will grow on just about any surface except glass. Mold has to be treated by experts and killed so that it doesn't grow back.

Bacteria usually comes in with the flood water and simply grows from there. If the flood is from the outside just about anything can be in the water from raw sewage, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, petroleum products, soil and some other harmful items. Once this type of water touches anything, the items will be contaminated and will need to be thrown out.

The Process
A mitigation of water in home and water in business types of flood damage must be removed by specific processes such as water removal and drying processes. Usually, the water can be removed with high-speed pumps if there is standing water and the flood has stopped, or the pipe that broke is repaired.

Once the water cleanup process is completed, a drying process can take place by using industrial style fans that create air movement over the area that was flooded. This process can take up to two to three days before things begin to get dry.

The air movement that is created by the fans does a lot to take care of the surface moisture, but with items that soak up the water, there is no hope of ever salvaging those items. They will have to be thrown out and discarded because the mold and bacteria will find them to be wonderful homes for their growth.

Mitigation of the area continues with any minor water cleanup of the area and the sanitation of the area. A complete sterilization of the area must take place to kill all of the bacteria and mold so that it won't grow back later. This is a very thorough process, and no area must be missed because if it is missed, the mold and bacteria will have a foothold from which to flourish.

When everything is removed that soaks up water and the area has been cleaned and sanitized, reconstruction can commence. Drywall and even some studs may need to be replaced along with wiring and wall sockets. Flooring and carpeting may need replacement as well as molding and finishing of wood.

Painting and finishing may need to take place, and then new furniture and fixtures can be put into place. In many instances, if the damage is invasive enough an entire rebuilding process may need to take place. This may seem to be a lot of work and expense, and it is. However, you don't want a drop of water or any contaminants to be left for that can start a cycle of deterioration over time that can stay hidden for a long time, only to appear years later.


Even though floods are rare in California, they do happen. Particularly in the San Deigo County areas of Spring Valley and Jamul, CA where the sun shines most of the time and flooding is the farthest thing from the residents' minds.

One thing that homeowners and business owners can do is to locate the place in the building where the shut-off valve is for the entire building. If there is a broken pipe, that is the first place to go, as long as you don't have to walk through standing water. If standing water is in a basement, for example, you don't always know if it is covering up an electrical socket. If you should touch or walk in the water, it could electrocute you. But if is located outside or in an accessible place it should be turned off.

Keeping an eye on the weather situation is a good idea if an extraordinary amount of rain is expected. Make plans to leave home if a flood is imminent from a possible heavy rainfall. Have a place to go that is away from a flood area, and itemize what you will need to take with you, such as important papers, keys, and some extra clothing.

Flooding may never happen, but if it does, you will need to act fast and have a good presence of mind as to who to call and where to go. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.comfor more information on water loss and restoration services.

How Is Rain Related to Indoor Mold?

5/16/2018 (Permalink)

You may enjoy the rainy weather in Spring Valley, CA, but no one enjoys the appearance of black mold inside their house. But why does mold show up indoors when it’s raining outside? If you see more prevalent patches of mold inside every time it rains, is it actually tied into the rain?

You Probably Have a Roof Leak

Roof leaks mean every time it rains, you have water seeping into your house and soaking into carpets, older wood, insulation, and fixtures. You may also have window leaks or other integrity issues that create a major moisture problem in your home. If you have mold from rain leakage, you’ll find tell-tale signs such as:

• Thick patches of black mold on walls, floors, and the corners of windowsills
• Musty odors
• Damp spots

Before you begin mold cleanup, you’ll want to hire professionals to check the integrity of your roof and windows or the mold will come back the next time it rains.

Search and Destroy

Mold can be extremely pervasive, but it’s not impossible to get rid of. You can start by conducting a thorough inspection of your home and finding anywhere mold may be living. It can even get captured in the crannies and crevices of air conditioners and refrigerators or brew in open containers of food or pet food. For bad cases, you may have to rip up carpet or linoleum to get at the mold underneath, and put in new flooring after you’ve cleaned out the infestation.

How to Clean Up Black Mold

To get rid of mold, scrub thoroughly; soap and water will often do the trick, but for particularly stubborn mold you may want to turn to Borax, a fungicide that kills mold and deters its growth when mixed with water and white vinegar. You can apply borax by spraying or even by mopping your floors with it. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com/.

3 Tips for Smoke Alarm Shopping

5/10/2018 (Permalink)

Assess the size of your home and pay attention to the details and fine print of alarms to make sure the one you select is reliable.

3 Tips for Smoke Alarm Shopping

A key component in maintaining your Spring Valley, CA, home involves updating safety equipment on a regular basis. After installation, it is easy to forget about that smoke alarm in the kitchen or bedroom. However, keep in mind these devices may no longer work effectively. The following pointers outline how to prepare for and choose new smoke detectors.

1. Scope Out Your Space

When it's time for those old alarms to retire, make sure you've revisited the rooms in your home to best assess where new alarms should go. Today's many flammable household materials make the average home susceptible to fires, so add a smoke detector to your shopping list for the kitchen, bedrooms, and every level of the house. Also, be sure to estimate the size of each room as you may need multiple detectors on each floor.

2. Know the Ropes

Since fires can spread in a matter of seconds, you'll want to consider which alarms have the most reliable detection. There are three general types of smoke detectors: ionization alarms, photoelectric alarms, and dual-sensor alarms. Ionization detectors are usually best for detecting smaller smoke particles that can lead to quick fires. Photoelectric alarms are better at identifying electrical fires or fires spreading from bedding or drapes. Dual-sensor detectors might be more costly than other options, but some fire safety professionals claim these alarms work best as a whole.

3. Read the Labels

You may have crossed off all the above steps on your checklist while shopping for the right smoke alarm for your home, but have you checked the product labels? One way you can ensure you've chosen a reliable device is by looking for a "UL" logo on the packaging, manual, or detector itself. An Underwriters Laboratories label confirms that your device has been through proper testing and received appropriate safety certifications.

Following these tips can help you leave the stress behind when choosing a smoke alarm. Assess the size of your home and pay attention to the details and fine print of alarms to make sure the one you select is reliable. For more information, visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com/.

Handling a Water Loss in Spring Valley, CA

5/3/2018 (Permalink)

Whether living in the Spring Valley, California area or surrounding areas, like Jamul, California, it's important to know where to turn to when enduring a water damage. It's also important to know the steps to take when going through water or flood damage. These steps are vital because a water loss is bound to happen in mostly everyone's lives sooner or later. And therefore, taking the proper steps will help one to recover when water or flood damage occurs.

Water damages can occur in various ways. It can occur through increment weather, such as a flood. It can occur from busted pipes, from stopped toilets, or other water leaks. It can also happen as a result of a fire. And furthermore, these damages just don't occur in one's home, it could result from issues with water in business as well.

Steps to take to Recover from Water Loss 

Having said this, the following steps should be adhered to when this unfortunate situation happens:

1. Contact reliable restoration specialists that service the Spring Valley, CA or surrounding areas, like Jamul, CA.

2. Do not go turn on light switches- this could cause further damage due to moisture somewhere within the walls.

3. Open the windows and turn on fans, if possible (don't attempt to plug in the fan cord), for air movement.

4. Do water cleanup by filling up a bucket with water from the flooding and pouring the water outside repeatedly until it can't be safely done anymore.

5. Put plastic, tarp, or another impermeable substance under savable, heavy furniture that is especially made of wood to prevent further damage.

6. Assess the damage by taking pictures with the mobile phone and writing down notes.

7. Get further instructions and paperwork from the restoration specialist for the insurance filing claim and for any other important instructions.

8. File the insurance claim.

The Duties of the Restoration Specialists

Qualified restoration specialists for these areas are not only highly trained in their field, but they are also well versed on insurance matters for the state they service when it comes to water or fire damages. And it doesn't matter if it's water in home or water in business, they are experts to handle both businesses and homes.

These restoration specialists know first hand the proper and safe way in the mitigation process, to properly do water cleanup, provide healthier air movement, to properly dry out items and floors, to work on mold remediation, and other things. They are also equipped with safe equipment and cleaning supplies to properly clean the residence/business without the risk of further damage to the items, people, and pets. Their equipment, tools, and cleaning supplies are met with government standards, such as OSHA and the FDA. These specialists will also give patrons instructions on how to better prepare and what to look forward to with the restoration process. For instance, they will instruct businesses on what to do when they have events and increment weather that may cause storm damage occur.

Trustworthy and reliable restoration specialists also know that every water or flooding damage is unique. They also are aware that each situation has different scopes and sizes of damages regardless if it's commercial or residence. And thus, they can handle each type accordingly. They have the proper tools, equipment, and cleaning supplies to handle any scope of damage. They also care about patrons knowing that every hour spent to recover from damages is an hour wasted of lost productivity and revenue. So, they work hard, fast, and proficiently, so that people can go on with their lives. These types of professional experts also have 24/7 emergency services available. And the following are more things that highly qualified restoration specialists do:

• Perform sewage cleanup.

• Have advanced equipment for water inspection, extraction, and drying.

• Have applied structural drying technicians.

• Have odor control technicians.

• Have an upholstery & fabric cleaning technicians.

With their advanced equipment, they can detect the hidden moisture, and stop it accordingly. Also, their equipment will thoroughly and quickly extract, clean, and dry the home, business, and belongings. They have a unique solution specifically tailored for any specific situations. They will also promote healthier air movement with blowing equipment to eliminate toxins in the air. Additionally, they will complete the job with the use of professional sanitizing and deodorizing agents for the safety and comfort of one's home or business. And even though each situation is different in one facet or another and in size, the steps are usually the same with the restoration process. This would include going where the emergency is, implementing the inspection and assessment of the damage, removing and extracting the water, drying and dehumidifying, cleaning and repair, and restore.


Regardless if its issues concerning water in home or business, there are steps to take and the right people to call in regards to the restoration of water loss. Unfortunately, a water loss is bound to happen in mostly everyone's lives sooner or later, and therefore, taking the proper steps will help one to recover when this type of situation occurs. The first thing to do is to contact a reliable restoration specialist that services the area. Other things to do include the following: Do not turn on light switches, do open the windows and turn on fans, if possible, perform water cleanup by filling up a bucket with the water from the damage and pouring the water outside repeatedly as much as possible, put plastic or another impermeable substance under savable, heavy furniture, assess the damage by taking pictures with the phone and writing down notes, obtain further instruction and paperwork from the restoration specialist for the insurance filing claim and for any other important instructions, and file the insurance claim.

The restoration specialist will handle all the details with mitigation and other restoration procedures. With them, patrons won't go wrong. And before one knows it, life will be restored fully. For more information on the Water Restoration process visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com/ . 

How Long Does Mold Removal Take?

4/30/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you notice mold growing in your home or business.

When you discover mold growth on your property, it’s understandable that you want it removed as quickly as possible. There are several stages involved in mold remediation, including assessment, mold removal and restoration. Once a mold remediation specialist in Spring Valley, CA has evaluated the black mold in your building, you can expect the actual removal to take anywhere from three to seven days. That may sound like a large range, but multiple factors affect how long it takes to get rid of all the mold.

1. How Long

How long you’ve had a mold problem can affect how long it takes to clean up. If a burst pipe causes water damage but you act fast, the mold won’t have much time to grow or spread. If this is a problem you’ve been putting off or didn’t notice right away, the growth could be extensive, requiring more work to eliminate it.

2. Location

The location of the mold growth is another major factor to consider when figuring out how long mold removal will take. If the mold is someplace easy to access, under a kitchen sink, for example, the cleanup may go quickly. If you have extensive mold growth inside a wall, under floorboards, in a crawlspace or in another hard-to-reach area, it can take longer to access and remove it.

3. Materials

The type of material the mold is growing on also makes a difference. Mold can be scrubbed off of non-porous materials such as metal or plastic. If porous materials such as wood or upholstery are involved, however, they may need to be physically removed from the premises and replaced, which can take much longer.

4. The Team

The cleanup team matters too. When it comes to mold removal, it pays to hire a team of experienced professionals in Spring Valley, CA to do the job. An inexperienced team is more likely to miss hidden mold, fail to remove all the mold and improperly dry out the affected area, leaving you in danger of regrowth. An experienced team will know how to carry out the job quickly and efficiently, ultimately saving you time and money. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on mold. 

Best Ways To Dry Your Sensitive Documents After a Flood

4/23/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you experience water damage in your business.

Anyone who has ever endured flooding in his or her Spring Valley, CA office knows the destruction that can take place. While you can replace some things such as flooring, furniture and even electronics, it can be a little difficult to deal with wet documents. If you have some papers for which there are no backup copies, you need to salvage and restore them in the most effective way possible. Fortunately, there are ways to dry and clean the most critical information.

Vacuum Freeze-Drying

In many cases, simply letting your wet documents hang out to dry like your laundry won’t be enough. Reputable companies can use a technique called vacuum freeze-drying to tackle the toughest jobs. This process usually consists of the following:

• Papers or books are placed in a vacuum chamber at a temperature of under 32 degrees
• Water is removed by a process called sublimation
• No additional distorting should occur

Gamma Irradiation

Document drying usually involves more than simply getting rid of water from your important papers. If there has been a flood in your Spring Valley, CA office building, there is probably a significant amount of dirt, bacteria, debris and other harmful substances on the paper. Through gamma irradiation, you can clean the papers and sterilize them in a safe and effective manner. This can help reduce the risk of these harmful components spreading and causing further damage to your documents or to you.


For the simplest problems following water damage at work, you can simply air-dry the documents. If this doesn’t work to completely dry your papers, you can contact the professionals for more intensive help. You can use this and all other methods on books, magazines, files, blueprints and more.

It’s important to address damage to wet documents as soon as possible. If you use these strategies, you can handle just about any job, no matter how difficult. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on commercial water damage. 

5 Tips for Flood First Responders

4/18/2018 (Permalink)

Give SERVPRO a call if you experience flood damage in San Diego.

If you plan to be a first responder after a flood, you should prepare yourself for the risks involved in advance. Here are five flood response guidelines intended to help you respond to a flood situation without unnecessarily risking your well-being.

1. Prepare for disaster conditions with immunizations. You may want to obtain a tetanus booster if you have not received one in the past 10 years. You may also get a combined vaccine for protection against diphtheria or pertussis. A hepatitis B vaccine series is recommended for responders who provide medical care.

2. Limit exposure to floodwaters and avoid moving water. Floodwaters can become contaminated with gas, oil, sewage, industrial runoff, and other substances. As a first responder, limit your exposure to such water as much as possible by wearing protective garments. You should also look out for moving water. A mere six inches of moving water can cause people to lose their footing, and two feet can float a car.

3. Report downed power lines. Downed power lines pose a serious safety threat. Report any fallen poles or lines you see to a power company.

4. Make sure you have access to filtered water. Filtered water is a necessity for disaster responders. If you are performing rescues, you should have extra water on hand for residents who may be suffering from dehydration.

5. Wear rubber gloves and protective gear during cleanup. Protect yourself when handling items that have come into contact with floodwater. It is a good idea to get rid of all damaged items after documenting them for insurance purposes.

A first responder to a flood situation can play an important part in promoting the safety of a community in San Diego, CA You may want to keep the phone number for a certified storm disaster remediation service on hand in case residents want to take a proactive approach to addressing water damage and preventing mold. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on storm damage. 

What To Know About Insurance Coverage and Mold

3/26/2018 (Permalink)

This customer had a problem with moisture that caused mold to grown on the wall in their bedroom.

Stories of floods are becoming more common and so are horror stories about homeowners fighting fungus growth and mold destruction inside their homes. Whether it is a broken pipe or surging flood waters, the resultant damage can be catastrophic. That is why many people in Spring Valley, CA wonder if their insurance policy covers the flood damage created by mold-laden bacteria once the water is gone.

Insurance Coverage

There is no simple answer to mold insurance coverage. Fungi, mold, and bacteria can all have a detrimental effect on property and require extensive reclamation efforts. A homeowner's insurance policy often limits mold damage coverage to those issues caused by situations that are already covered by the policy. In other words, if you have flood insurance and have a flood, the policy could cover all resultant issues, including mold. However, if you experience an earthquake and it causes broken pipes, the resulting flood and mold damage may only be covered if you have earthquake insurance.

Monetary Cap

Fungus growth can also result from frequent wet areas due to landscaping problems, repeat leaks, or continuous seepage. This type of property damage is considered a maintenance problem and typically not covered by insurance. Additionally, when insurance does include mold removal and cleanup, the policy often has a monetary cap for the project.

Expert Answers

If you have questions about what your mold insurance policy does cover, consider talking to an insurance adjuster or representative to find out what your policy options are about mold coverage. If you already have mold issues in your home, call a mold remediation team and let the experts help you. The professionals can answer all your questions about mold growth as well as help with preventative measures.

Proactive Policy

Being proactive about your insurance coverage can be the first step in protecting your home from future fungus growth problems. If you know what your policy covers and what it does not cover, you can take charge of any changes you want to make before a flood strikes. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on mold. 

Tips for Replacing a Leaky Toilet

3/19/2018 (Permalink)

Here you can see that one of our technicians is in the process of checking moisture levels in this wall.

You may not think about your Spring Valley, CA home's plumbing while you shower, do dishes or run your washing machine. However, it can be one of your home's most vital systems, and when something goes wrong, such as a leaking toilet, the results can be messy and expensive. If a toilet cannot be repaired, the next best option might be to replace it yourself.

1. Check the Seal First

If you have an old toilet, the leak might be due to a broken seal where the unit meets the floor. This type of leak can be quite common and cause water to spill out onto the floor when the toilet is flushed or filling. To check for this type of leak, dry the floor around the toilet and the base, then flush the unit. If you see water leak from the seal, then you may want to consider upgrading your toilet and making a new seal.

2. Remove the Toilet

Once you have determined you need a new toilet, the next step in this process is to remove the old one. First, turn off the water to the unit and then empty the tank and bowl as much as possible to prevent the water from sloshing out when you move the toilet. Disconnect the water and then unscrew the bolts from the base of the toilet before gently lifting the leaking toilet and undoing the seal. You may want to have a water removal and restoration company come in at this point to ensure no lasting water damage has been done by the leak.

3. Install a New Unit

Once you check the toilet's flange for signs of wear, you can complete your toilet repair project by installing the new unit. Remember to create a good seal by pressing down firmly on the toilet's bare rim. Once the new toilet is in place, you can turn the water back on and check if the problem is resolved.

A leaking toilet in your Spring Valley, CA home can cause a considerable amount of water damage. However, knowing the steps to replace it quickly can save you time and money. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on water damage. 

Must-Haves in Your Building’s First Aid Kit

3/14/2018 (Permalink)

Emergencies aren’t easy to think about. They aren’t something you hope to go through or want to subject your business to. Your commercial building should feel like a safe place. Safe or not, however, natural disasters can and often do occur. People can be injured or trapped within your building. Without an emergency first aid kit, your Spring Valley, CA business could find itself in trouble. Even in nonemergency situations, accidents do happen. With an emergency kit, you can help with small injuries. In case of emergency, here are some tips on how to handle first aid.

What To Include in Kit

The first aid kit is one of the single most important tools you can utilize during an emergency. Here is what professionals say you should include:

• Directions for emergency assistance
• Gauze pads
• Adhesive bandages
• Wound cleanser
• Tweezers
• Latex gloves
• Splint
• Adhesive tape
• Resuscitation bag or pocket mask
• Scissors

Remember while you can never overstock your emergency kit, you can understock it. Predicting the injuries that may occur can be difficult. However, it’s better to be prepared for everything rather than preparing for very little. Most of these items are easy to gather up and may even come in a readymade kit.

How To React to Situation

In any emergency, staying calm is always advantageous. If someone is hurt, your panic could lead to poor decision making and could inevitably frighten people. Productivity is easier when you’re relaxed. Being calm and rational could save you or another person.

The unthinkable can sometimes happen. It’s important to be prepared so that you can focus on the task at hand. Whether you had a flood or fire emergency, there will be cleanup to consider afterwards and professional services to call. However, in the meantime, if someone is injured in your building, you don’t want to be without the right tools. Even the smallest amount of comfort or assistance can matter. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on commercial storm damage

If Your Building Has Mold, Will Your Insurance Company Cover the Cost of Remediation?

2/21/2018 (Permalink)

Mold can pose a serious threat to the overall integrity of your building, and if not caught in time, it can eat away at your building’s structure and create a potentially hazardous environment. If not dealt with within 48 hours, water damage and fungus growth may result in costly damage to your building. If this happens, you may wonder, does insurance cover the cost of mold remediation? The answer depends on two things:

1. The cause of the mold contamination
2. The language of your insurance policy

Causes of Mold Contamination

Mold claims in Jamul, CA typically arise in one of two circumstances: The building owner discovers mold at the same time he or she discovers a moisture problem, such as a leaking pipe or a leaky roof; or the building is subject to a flood, burst pipe or other sudden plumbing issue. Generally speaking, most insurance agencies won’t cover fungus growth that is the result of long-term leakage, water intrusion, moisture buildup, deferred maintenance, poor repairs, construction defects or normal wear and tear, but they may cover damage caused by sudden events for which you took proper measures to protect against, such as floods or plumbing system failures.

Policy Language

Unfortunately, most building insurance policies contain a laundry list of exclusions for damage caused by mold. For instance, most policies won’t cover the cost of damages if the mold was a result of normal wear and tear, poor workmanship and materials, construction defects, corrosion, pollution or wet rot. Some policies may cover mold that develops as a secondary problem from covered water damage. What type of water damage is covered and what types are not is a whole other dilemma you need to sort out with your insurer.

Mold growth can wreak havoc on your building, which is why it is best to invest in a mold insurance policy. Mold coverage is designed to do exactly what its name implies: cover the cost of damages caused by mold. If you want to protect your investment, talk to your Jamul, CA insurance agent today about devising a policy that covers damages caused by mold.
Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on mold.

How Do I Maintain a Fire Sprinkler System?

2/14/2018 (Permalink)

As a business owner and manager, you can carry many responsibilities. Two of those are likely safeguarding company property and inventory and keeping employees and customers safe. Installing a fire sprinkler system can be a great way to accomplish both goals. In fact, a national standard called NFPA 13 has been established to set down procedures and conditions for installing fire suppression measures such as sprinkler systems in commercial buildings.

You probably never want to need such measures, but fires can happen due to many causes. Should a suppression system be activated to quench a blaze within your facility, the aftermath may involve fire sprinkler cleanup. If a fire threatens your Spring Valley, CA commercial building, you should know the sprinklers are well-maintained and there is a plan for cleaning up the mess. Here are three considerations for maintaining commercial emergency sprinklers and planning for cleanup.

1. Inspect sprinklers regularly and do not ignore repairs. Carefully check and test your structure’s emergency fire sprinkler system regularly. Local laws and insurance considerations may dictate the inspection schedule. If any problems are found, fix them immediately. In addition to being a safety issue, sprinkler problems may violate insurance and legal regulations.

2. Clearly delegate responsibilities. You should be clear about who is responsible for fire suppression maintenance. For example, should business owners or building owners schedule regular inspections and tests? Those who arrange for regular checks also should know they must inform the fire inspector.

3. Have a plan for after the blaze is out. Who wants to think about a building fire? However, every business facility should have a professional fire restoration team they can call on to repair and clean up the damage.

Should a blaze flare up in your San Diego, CA commercial property, you should make sure everyone is safe. A fire sprinkler system can be an effective fire suppression tool that can hopefully quench the flames before they destroy significant property and equipment. Once a blaze is out, though, you should deal with fire sprinkler cleanup. An experienced fire restorer can work to restore your business to its pre-fire condition. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on commercial fire damage.

How to Deodorize After a Fire

2/7/2018 (Permalink)

Smoke particles do not just disappear after a fire. Instead, they can infiltrate everything you own. Your carpet, furniture, clothing and even walls may smell like smoke for months after the fire. Without a professional restoration firm, it may be difficult to fully remove the noxious odor of smoke from your home. Keep in mind that deodorizers, incense and the like are only temporary fixes.

Clean the Air

Primarily, your restoration professional may use the following equipment to clean the air:

• Air filters
• Thermal foggers
• Ozone machines

This equipment will not only fight the odor, but remove the source of the odor as well. They can rid your home of the smoke particles responsible for the smell. In addition, these machines will usually help your property receive optimal airflow during and after restoration.

Clean the Source

If you do not get rid of the source of the problem, you will not get rid of the odor. The first thing you should do during a smoke cleaning is to see which of your belongings are scorched. The best course of action is to remove anything that is unsalvageable. As long as there is visible fire damage in the home, you may not be able to get rid of the smell entirely.

Clean the Surface

Next, it is time to look at all the exposed surfaces in your home. A thorough smoke cleaning involves cleaning walls, ceilings, floors, countertops and any appliances left in the home. This will help restorers take care of all the remaining smoke damage. Keep in mind that it does not matter if a room was untouched by a fire, smoke and other particles can still stick to surfaces.

If you want to get rid of smoke odor, you do not have to do it alone. Professional services that specialize in smoke cleaning in Spring Valley, CA can remedy damage caused by fire and smoke. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on fire damage.

Does Your Home Need a Flood Cut?

1/18/2018 (Permalink)

When dealing with contamination after major flooding, you may hear your restoration specialists mentioning something called a flood cut. To anyone without a lot of experience with flooding or the work that goes into restoring a home afterwards, this phrase may sound strange. What is a flood cut? Why and when is it necessary? The answers to those questions can help you decide on the best options for repairing your home.

1. What Is a Flood Cut?

A flood cut occurs when the contractor has to cut into the drywall of your Spring Valley, CA, home. The cut is usually made about 12–18 inches above where the flood line ends. Then, the drywall is taken completely out of the wall. The point of a flood cut is to remove the damaged wall and also to make sure that there is no moisture trapped behind it. Any and all mold and contamination can then be cleaned up as a result of the tear out.

2. Is a Flood Cut Necessary?

The answer to this question is "not always." Some flooding damage may be caused by clean water. This is water that doesn't contain any contaminates. If this is the case, then the specialists may do everything they can to fix the wall. However, if your flooding was caused by a backed-up sewer line or if it is contaminated with harmful pathogens, then the best course of action is a flood cut.

If your home has been recently flooded, then odds are you’ll have some damage to your home. Mildew and mold can grow fast, but often the contamination won’t be so extensive that you need a tear out. However, in cases of black water flooding, it’s imperative that you have a flood cut. When it comes to deciding which course of action is necessary, however, you should always have a consultation with professionals. After all, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Visit our website at http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for any of your restoration questions.

The Pipes Burst, Now What?

1/18/2018 (Permalink)

Many homeowners worry that their pipes will burst, and they won’t know what to do when that happens. Floods can be incredibly distressing, and without a cleanup service to help, it can be almost impossible to prevent or aid water damage in Spring Valley. Luckily, there are things that you can do after you’ve been confronted with bursting pipes. Consider three of the most important steps to take.

1. Call a Cleanup Service

When it comes to flooding, mold can grow quickly. Mildew and mold take only a couple of days to grow in moist environments; this means that you have to start the cleanup process as soon as possible to prevent any secondary damage to your home. While you may be able to start some of the cleanup process on your own, a professional will have the tools to do it quicker and more effectively.

2. Open Windows and Air Out Home

The next step after your home has been flooded by bursting pipes is to open all of the windows. This is going to ensure that you have proper airflow in your home to help the drying process begin. You can also use a dehumidifier for extra help in drawing the moisture out of your residence while you wait for your remediation expert to arrive. Keep in mind that if the moisture lingers even after most of the water is gone, mold can still grow.

3. Fix the Pipes

Once your home is cleaned up of water, you need to have someone fix the broken pipe and maintain your plumbing system. It’s no use to clean up your home only to have your pipes burst again.

Flooding due to bursting pipes can be frustrating and stressful. Fortunately, with the help of a cleanup service, you can rest easy and help keep your Spring Valley, CA, home dry.

Visit our website at http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com to learn more about water damage. 

What Is Category 3 Water Damage?

1/18/2018 (Permalink)

All flood water can cause problems for your business in Bonita, CA but these floods aren’t always the same. That’s why industry professionals use categorization systems to classify floods. There are three main categories, each with a nickname:

• Category One: Clear or White Water
• Category Two: Grey Water
• Category Three: Black Water

As you can infer, Category Three water is the last type you want in your business. What makes a flood fit into this classification? Here is what you need to know about black water.

What Is Black Water?

Category Three water is liquid that has touched human feces. Just by contacting this waste, the water becomes grossly unsanitary. This is the main factor that sets this water apart from the other categories.

Is It Unsafe?

Because Category Three water was exposed to feces, it is unsafe for humans to contact. The water likely contains harmful bacteria, viruses, and even parasites. Wading into this flood water without proper protection can cause bodily harm.

This is one of the many reasons you should never attempt to restore black water damage yourself. Without special equipment and expertise, you cannot fully protect yourself.

What Does It Look Like?

How can you know if your flood is black water? This water may not be completely black. Any water that has a brown color could be Category Three. That’s why it’s important to play it safe and call the professionals.

That being said, black water does typically come from a few places: floods from rain, toilet overflow, and basement floods. Toilet overflow may seem obvious, but many people are surprised that rainwater becomes contaminated. As it falls, rainwater is fine. However, as it soaks the ground and floods businesses, it often carries sewage with it.

If you think your flood water in Bonita, CA, is Category 3, call a restoration crew immediately. This dangerous water cleanup should not be treated as a DIY opportunity.

For your commercial restoration emergency visit our webpage at http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com.

Why Does Mold Smell the Way It Does?

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

Why Does Mold Smell the Way It Does?

Homeowners living in Spring Valley, California can attest to the nightmare that mold growth in the home can be. Not only does it create a toxic living environment, but the smell is rather unpleasant. Why does mold smell bad, though? Having an understanding of the cause behind mold’s odor will not only be educational, it will help you to know why it’s dangerous. Here are a few things you should know about mycotoxin mold and what you should do if you find it growing in your home.


A mycotoxin is a secondary metabolite produced by microfungi. Mold is no exception, and it releases these mycotoxins regularly. Mycotoxin is what causes the odor, and it is also what makes mold potentially dangerous in large doses. Ironically, it’s the mycotoxin in mold that also makes it an effective antibiotic. That doesn’t mean you should scrape mold off your shower wall and feed it to your child with an infection. Mold growth in the home is always a biohazard and should be treated as such.

Recognizing Mold

The musty odor mold produces are one surefire way to detect it in your home. If such an odor is present in your laundry room, bathroom, kitchen, or basement, you should take it seriously. Try to locate the source of the smell by checking under sinks, behind the washing machine, or near pipes and drains. If you are unable to find any mold growths, that doesn’t mean you’re out of the woods. Mold can often grow in wall voids behind the drywall, especially if there’s been a fluid leak or water damage in your home. Mold can grow as quickly as 48 hours after a leak, so it’s important to take action.

Mold Remediation

If you find mold or continue smelling it in your home, you should call a restoration professional immediately. These workers are trained and certified to treat mold conditions in homes and restore your indoor air quality to safe levels. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on mold.

Fire Extinguisher Basics: What to Get, Where to Place It and How to Use It

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Extinguisher Basics: What to Get, Where to Place It and How to Use It

A fire extinguisher is an essential and potentially lifesaving tool every home in Spring Valley, California should have. Owning the right extinguisher, placing it correctly in the home and knowing how to use it ensure you are ready to use the extinguisher if needed.

1. Choose the Right Extinguisher Class

When purchasing a fire extinguisher, consider a Class ABC extinguisher. These are perfect for wood, paper, electrical and liquid fires, like grease, a common kitchen fire cause. You can purchase these at most hardware and big box stores. Select the biggest extinguisher you can comfortably carry. This will provide you with a longer discharge time, pressure and range.

One thing to remember, if you can, is the suppressant in a class ABC extinguisher will damage your oven. If your kitchen fire is small, confined to a saucepan, for example, try to smother it first.

2. Have an Extinguisher for Each Floor

Consider purchasing a fire extinguisher for each level of your home, including the attic if you use it as living space. Equip your garage with an extinguisher as well. Place extinguishers near rooms where fires are common, such as the kitchen.

Make sure you can access an extinguisher easily and quickly, but also do your best to keep them out of the reach of children. Also, keep them away from heating appliances and household items that could easily catch fire.

3. Know How to Use the Extinguisher

There may come a time when you need to use the extinguisher. If you remember the acronym P.A.S.S., you can quickly recall the steps necessary to use the extinguisher:

P: Pull the pin
A: Aim the extinguisher at the base of the fire
S: Squeeze the trigger
S: Sweep side to side

Following these steps is sure to help you remember how to properly use an extinguisher. Proper use can expel a kitchen fire, reduce fire damage and save your home.
Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on fire damage.

Information About the Fire Cleanup Process

12/15/2017 (Permalink)

Information About the Fire Cleanup Process

After a house fire in Spring Valley, California once the structure is deemed safe, the next step is cleaning up all of the smoke damage and soot damage. Smoke cleaning requires a number of different steps to ensure that it is done properly. Keep in mind that it can take time and that the proper products and methods are important to ensure everything is done correctly.

Cleaning Up Soot

Following a fire, it is common for deposits of soot to be on walls, floors and other elements of your home. A mild detergent or soap or a mixture of chlorine bleach and trisodium phosphate is generally effective to get rid of soot. Either of these should be combined with warm water. Once you clean an area, go back over it with plain warm water to rinse away any residue, and then use a clean cloth to dry the area thoroughly. Make sure to protect your hands and arms with thick rubber gloves as you clean.

Cleaning Your Home Structure

Restoring the structure of your home might require replacing certain items, such as wood, walls or flooring that was too damaged to be cleaned. Use the information above about cleaning soot to restore any areas that do not require replacement.

Eliminating Smoke Smell

Taking care of smoke damage and the smell of smoke can be the most difficult part of the process. Trisodium phosphate is one of the best ingredients for getting rid of this smell. Just make sure to protect your skin while using it, since it can be caustic. Follow all instructions on the cleaning product, and ensure that it is properly diluted with water. Chlorine bleach can also be effective for getting rid of any smoke smell.

Make note of this information and use it to help alleviate the smoke damage and other soiling that happens following a house fire in Spring Valley, California. The cleanup process can be tedious, but with the right information, you can get it completed effectively. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on fire damage.

What To Do If You Experience Fire Damage At Your Business

10/25/2017 (Permalink)

What To Do If You Experience Fire Damage At Your Business

Fire is unpredictable and can occur in any in any business. Fire at your business premises can cause fire damage, soot damage, fire damage and smoke damage in the workplace. Utility room fire or electrical fire can cause commercial fire damage and require specialized immediate fire suppression Here is a guide on what to do when you experience commercial fire damage.

Emergency Contact

Fire restoration process begins when you contact the firefighters or fire restoration professionals. The firefighters provide emergency services and will respond promptly once contacted. The firefighters will inquire about the spread of fire to help them understand resources required. The appropriate equipment to minimize the spread of fire damage, soot damage or smoke damage include fire hose, fire trucks, fire suppression systems and fire sprinkler system.

Fire Damage Assessment

After putting off the fire at your business using fire sprinkler system or fire hose, the next thing is to assess the extent of commercial fire damage at your business premises. The fire restoration experts will examine the property to determine how far utility room fire, smoke or soot has spread. They will also investigate walls, office furniture, ceilings and floors to assess smoke damage and soot damage. Understanding the extent commercial fire damage in your business assists in creating an accurate action plan and cost estimation of soot damage. Additionally, an assessment will help identify the source of fire whether utility room fire or electrical fire and appropriate method to put off the light. In case of electrical fire, it is crucial to cut off electrical system supply to your business. Fire trucks use the fire hose to pour water on the fire from utility room or kitchen.

Sealing Services

The primary purpose of fire restoration at your offices is to minimize commercial fire damage. Firefighters and experts after extinguishing the fire using fire sprinkler system, fire hose, fire trucks, and fire suppressions will leave burned holes in roofs. The fire damage creates holes in walls and water pipe leakages causing water damage to your property. The fire restoration expert will guide you on securing business files or office furniture to minimize further smoke damage, soot damage or water damage.


Fire clean-up is the next thing to do in fire restoration of your business premises. Clean up involves cleaning away soot, dust, and smoke from business furniture. The smoke damage leaves stains and dark spots on your property. The experts will also carry out water damage restoration. Standing water pools from fire hose, fire trucks, fire suppression, fire sprinkler system or from broken pipes during damage is removed using pumps. Clean up removes smoke smell from business offices. You can remove all damaged items of business. The insurance company takes a full inventory of damaged items. Air scrubbers and fogging equipment remove odors left by smoke.

Repairs and Renovations

Next, carry out repairs and renovations on damaged business items. For electrical fire, install the electrical systems again. Faulty electrical wires can be replaced to avoid future electrical fires in the workplace. Cabinets and furniture destroyed by smoke can be repaired or replaced with new ones. Repaint all the walls. The utility room fire door can be fixed or installed in the kitchen or laundry. Destroyed offices or rooms in your business may require significant reconstruction.

When your business experiences fire outbreak, it is essential to contact the firefighter to put off the flames and guide you in the restoration of your offices. The restoration experts will assess smoke damage on your property and provide seal services on the business property. Next, they will clean dust, smoke, and soot on surfaces of your office items. Clean all smoke and odor. Renovate and repair damaged furniture. The premises will look presentable, and business operations will continue as usual. However, it is crucial to consult emergency services and the fire department who will guide on fire preventive measures to be undertaken.
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The Importance of Acting Quick After a Fire

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The Importance of Acting Quick After a Fire

A fire in home or fire in business can disturb your daily life for weeks or longer. Not only is it extremely important act fast and clean up the soot damage, smoke damage, smoke smell and provide board up, but it is absolutely crucial to deal with all the damage. And that means spending money and time on numerous services.

The costs of fire damage restoration and fire cleanup are quite unavoidable. But, you can save a huge amount of money and avoid hassles by turning to a professional, full-service residential or commercial fire damage company. Professionals already have all the equipment and skills needed to do the fire cleanup properly and restore your property to good condition. More importantly, trained technicians know exactly what needs to be done and how to get the job done correctly.

Recognizing that fire damage causes a tremendous setback to families or commercial establishments, professionals do whatever it takes to minimize the impact and restore things back to normal. Reliable recovery and restoration process is aimed at restoring property and getting people back to their normal routines. A reputable water restoration company help to minimize the impact of fire damage and fire in home or fire in business.

Benefits of hiring residential or commercial fire damage service include:


When certified technicians from a restoration company arrive at your home or business to handle the fire cleanup, they will conduct a thorough assessment of the site and inspection all the damage. They will determine how much damage the property has suffered as a result of fire in home or fire in business, as well as soot damage, smoke damage or smoke smell, before doing board up. As a result of the assessment and inspection, water cleanup technicians can develop a fire damage restoration plan to clean fire damage, including smoke damage, soot damage and smoke smell.

Contact Your Insurance Company

Once your insurance company approves the fire cleanup plan, the residential or commercial fire restoration company begins the board up and the work to restore your property. It is very important to begin fire cleanup and restoration as soon as possible after a fire damage, because the longer you delay, the worse the soot damage, smoke damage and smoke smell will be.

Tarp and Sealing

Once the technicians from a restoration company start the fire cleanup and restoration, they take precautions to prevent additional damage to the property. For instance, the technicians can identify leaks in the roof or wall and start by fixing it.

If the fire damage has caused a water tank or pipe to burst, professionals will take appropriate steps to fix the equipment right away before the situation gets worse and affects other areas of the property.

Clean Up Process

After a fire in business or fire in home incident, the building often looks stained, dark and charred. Residential and commercial fire damage technicians begin by cleaning away dust, smoke, soot and getting rid of smoke smell. They will take immediate action and ensure that all the soot damage, smoke damage and smoke smell are properly cleaned and the property restored back as normal as possible. By acting quickly and providing fire damage restoration in a professionals manner many of your valuable items can be saved.


Afire in home or fire in business damage is an unfortunate incident that can happen at any time. Knowing the proper steps in a fire damage situation can help prevent further damage to your property or belongings, and avoid inconveniences. Whether it be a commercial fire damage or a residential fire, you must take action immediately to get the mess cleaned up, including smoke damage, soot damage, and ensure the board up is done correctly before fire damage restoration begins.

Trained flood mitigation professionals from a reputable company can take proper steps in getting your home or business back to its original condition.
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Hit Hard by Mother Nature? Here's What You Need to Know

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Hit Hard by Mother Nature? Here's What You Need to Know

If your house has recently been struck hard by mother nature, you might be feeling a bit concerned. After all, repairing a house that has hail damage, wind damage, hurricane damage, or other storm damage can be quite a bit of work. Many houses suffer ice damage, roof damage, hail damage, hurricane damage, and wind damage after a violent storm in the area. No matter what type of ice damage, roof damage, or hail damage your house has suffered from, there are a few things you need to know about facing storm damage and storm remediation.

Ensure your family's physical and emotional safety
First, make sure you and your family members are safe. Before you start to clear away an ice dam or worry about hail damage, ice damage, or wind damage to your home, make sure your family members are all safe. Facing hail damage, wind damage, or river flooding can be a scary experience. If your family members have never been around ice damming, flooding, river flooding, or other storm damage before, it may take them awhile to process their feelings regarding what's happened. This is normal and natural. Make sure you talk with your family members about the ice damming, storm damage, river flooding, and hurricane damage soon after the storm. Make sure they're feeling safe and comfortable after the storm damage. If they're still feeling concerned about the river flooding or roof damage, sit down and have an open and honest conversation together about storm remediation. Once they understand that a home restoration expert can help with roof repair, your family members may feel more at ease.

Ask for help

Next, reach out for help. Never feel like you have to face flooding, roof damage, a roof leak, or an ice dam on your own. You don't. Flooding, flood water, ice damage, or hurricane damage are all things a home restoration or water restoration professional can help you with. If you've experienced an ice dam, ice damage, or flood water, a water restoration or home restoration professional can assist you with storm remediation. Are you wondering what exactly a home restoration expert can do? Here are just a few of the services you can expect from a water restoration professional:
-Repair a roof leak
-Repair roof damage
-Remove an ice dam
-Prevent future ice damming
-Restore siding
-Repair frozen pipes
-Remove ground water with a flood pump
-Remove standing water with a flood pump
-Offer assistance in restoring the exterior of your home

As you can see, the right water restoration company offers a variety of services related to storm remediation. Whether you're dealing with ground water, flooding, roof leak, or ice damming, the right professional will assist you with storm remediation.

Prevent future damage to your home

Finally, take preventative measures. Are you facing a roof leak? Do you need a roof repair? Are you wondering what storm restoration can do to prevent a roof leak from happening again? Are you curious as to how you can avoid a roof repair in the future? A storm restoration expert can help you prevent a roof repair in the future.

Storm restoration means a storm restoration expert will help use a flood pump to remove ground water from your home. If you have standing ground water or flood water, a flood pump is an essential part of removing flood water. He or she can also help you with frozen pipes. There are ways you can prevent frozen pipes, and he or she can guide you through the process of preventing frozen pipes from happening to you again. Remember that no matter what you're going through, it's important to take the necessary steps to restore and repair your home, and to also prevent storm damage from threatening your house in the future. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on storm damage.

What you need to know about storm damage mitigation

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What you need to know about storm damage mitigation

If the recent storms and hurricanes have taught us anything it’s the need to be prepared. Over the years, we have experienced the impact that hurricane damage, storm damage, wind damage, flood water, hail damage, river flooding, and ice damage can cause. For many people who have been hit by these weather calamities, their first thought is how to start over.

While storm damage can lead to devastating losses, all is not lost. There is still a possibility to salvage some of the items from the flooding. One of the best ways to prepare yourself for natural calamities is to hire professional storm restoration experts. These contractors offer home restoration services to help you get back on your feet.

In the wake of hurricane damage, wind damage, hail damage, and ice damage home owners may feel overwhelmed by the water restoration efforts. A proper home restoration will require the use of a flood pump to deal with the flooding and ground water. Hurricane damage can also lead to river flooding. The flooding becomes a community problem that needs to be handled holistically. Wind damage also has the potential to cause huge losses. While it may not last as long as a hurricane, the damage is also extensive. One of the dangers of wind damage is flying objects. Once a storm damage warning is issue, it is best to remove all loose objects from the back yard. This is one of the most crucial storm remediation measure.

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Preparing for Storm Damage

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Preparing for Storm Damage

A storm remediation procedure is cutting or pruning weak branches. Hurricane damage is intensified by fallen trees. This can also cause roof damage that may also lead to a roof leak. Fallen trees means that you incur more costs for home restoration or roof repair. It is also important to fortify the garage so that it serves as a good storage unit in the event of hail damage, storm damage, hurricane damage, flood water damage, river flooding damage and ice damming damage. This is another storm remediation. measure.

Hail damage should not be underestimated because it can cause extensive roof damage. Once the hail storm is over, the roof needs to be assessed for roof damage. Look out for roof leaks and damaged shingles. Roof repair needs to be done immediately to prevent further damage. Even a small roof leak can develop into a bigger crack and this would mean a roof replacement or expensive roof repair.

Roof repair from a roof leak should be done after the roof damage has been assessed by professionals. As a storm remediation. measure, it is wise to ensure that your roof is inspected and repaired prior to a storm warning. Repairs will make the storm restoration from the ground water and flooding process much easier.

An ice dam can also cause extensive damage from the buildup of ground water. Ice damming or ice dam formation should be handled immediately since it can lead to major structural damage. Ice damming and the formation of ice dams happens mostly in winter. Proper ventilation and insulation are the best ways to prevent ice damming and ice dams from forming.

Winter damage can also lead to frozen pipes. These frozen pipes can tamper with the water supply line. It is best to let the experts handle the frozen pipes. Attempting to heat the frozen pipes to melt the ice can lead to further damage. Professional water restoration experts have the right storm restoration tools to do a thorough and professional job.

Commercial water restoration experts can help homeowners salvage most of the items. They have the right tools such as a flood pump to drain the ground water and drain the flood water. They are also trained to handle ice damage. The ice damage can create pools of water and this leads to more flood damage even on the roof. The professional flood pumps can also deal with river flooding. These flood pumps are powered to handle even extensive flood water damage.

Storm restoration, water restoration and home restoration services should be sought from professionals and experts.

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Fire Suppression Systems

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Fire damage resulting mainly from the electrical fire can be quite complex and tricky to handle. Unless, one has undergone the necessary training to deal with electrical fire damage, its best to leave that one to the experts.

The utility room fire is the most common causes of commercial fire damage, and this is attributed to electrical fire. However, the utility room fire can be prevented by business installing fire suppression systems in the organization.

The fire suppression systems include things like the sprinkler system, aerosol suppression, and gaseous suppression. Business should also consider installing fire hose and fire sprinkler systems in their various departments. It is important to have some fire hose and fire sprinkler systems in the organization to help in the event of a fire breaking out, especially the utility room fire caused by electrical fire. There are many types of fire sprinkler systems that the organization can buy in the market.

Common causes of water damage

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Common causes of water damage

Water damage is a common source of headache for property owners. The source of the water damage always varies but some forms are more common than others and some more severe than others. Standing water is always the most devastating because it can do permanent damage to electronics, walls, and flooring. So what usually causes all of this damage? A comprehensive list isn't possible but here are just a common causes of damage from water:

Pipe break


Malfunctioning AC

Overflowing tub or toilet

Water heater leaks

When you have water in business, all or some of these may be the culprit, and there's plenty more origins of water damage. A flooded home or water in business is certain to inspire fear in the hearts of all who watch it occurring. The first mission is to determine the cause of the flooded home or water in business and then contact a restoration business who can immediately take care of the problem.

Signs of Flood Damage

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Signs of Flood Damage

A supply line break or a pipe break will have different "symptoms" than water in your business caused by a malfunctioning appliance. Flood damage of course will have its own symptoms as well. Things like flood damage will often have standing water in any number of rooms while a supply line break or pipe break will have another set of symptoms. You can't begin water cleanup until you have determined where the damage is being caused and why it is occurring.

Signs of a flooded building include standing water in one or more rooms or areas, stains, molding, and cracks, as well as soiled carpets. Water in your business and water on your property will cause one or more of these signs, and it's in these areas where flood damage or other types of damage will be examined and analyzed by a restoration company. Mitigation begins when the company arrives.

Calling the experts to restore water damage

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Calling the experts to restore water damage

A good mitigation will include a thorough examination of a flooded home or water in business. Water cleanup begins with this examination. Whether it's a supply line break or a pipe break causing the damage, the restoration company will locate the source of the water and stop it. Flood damage is often obvious because the restoration company knows there is a flood in the area where the home or business is located.

Mitigation by a restoration company is the only way to safely and thoroughly complete water cleanup. Without the industrial drying and restoration procedures performed by the restoration company, there can be leftover water and damages. Drying is one of the first steps of mitigation and results in even standing water being eliminated. People don't have the industrial grade drying equipment that a restoration company has to take care of water in home. Drying paves the way for thorough restoration to your home's possessions and structures. Restoration to their original condition will be performed by the company whenever possible.

Whether it's a supply line break or another source of running water, water cleanup by professionals is the only way to get your home and items back to their original condition. Keep in mind that running water around electronics can be extremely dangerous. No one should attempt to do a cleanup by themselves. For some types of leaks, nothing but professional intervention is going to save the day. The moment you realize that you have water in your home, it's time to call on the professionals to take care of the situation. Doing anything else could mean that you lose some of your most valuable possessions forever, and there could also be permanent damage to the structures and flooring in your home. Don't ever take a chance and try to do it yourself. Call on the pros. 

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Actions to take in case of commercial fire damage

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Actions to take in case of commercial fire damage

It is important to always take precaution to prevent the eventuality of commercial fire damage. Your business premises should be at all times be equipped with fire suppression systems. The fire suppression tools are crucial in extinguishing or preventing fire damage. Commercial fire damage can be quite fatal both to the owner and other people using the commercial building.

Fire damage resulting mainly from the electrical fire can be quite complex and tricky to handle. Unless, one has undergone the necessary training to deal with electrical fire damage, its best to leave that one to the experts. The utility room fire is the most common causes of commercial fire damage, and this is attributed to electrical fire. However, the utility room fire can be prevented by business installing fire suppression systems in the organization. The fire suppression systems include things like the sprinkler system, aerosol suppression, and gaseous suppression. Business should also consider installing fire hose and fire sprinkler systems in their various departments. It is important to have some fire hose and fire sprinkler systems in the organization to help in the event of a fire breaking out, especially the utility room fire caused by electrical fire. There are many types of fire sprinkler systems that the organization can buy in the market.

However, commercial fire can happen at any time and finds you unprepared or becomes hard for you to put off the fire. In such a case, it is only necessary that you get to hire fire restoration experts to do the work for you. The fire restoration experts come with their fire fighting tools, fire trucks and their fire firefighters to help in the process.

Process of fire damage restoration

There are many experts offering fire restoration services nowadays. Whenever there is damage caused by fire, it’s only vital to consider hiring the firefighters to help you with the restoration. The firefighters are well-trained experts to help people put off fires. These experts do not only possess knowledge of putting off fire but also restoring your premises to the right conditions. A fire loss is quite divesting to the business and the general public in whole and can be best handled by experts.

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Why hire the experts at SERVPRO of Spring Valley/Jamul?

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Why hire these experts?

Fire damage leaves your premises at a much-divested situation and with most of your stuff critically damaged. Moreover, fire trucks do not help much in restoring the rightful conditions of your building. Your premises are left with a lot of soot damage and smoke damage when a fire damage occurs. The soot damage and the smoke damage can only be removed using certain fire equipment that the fire restoration professionals use. You are therefore saved the struggle to clean up the mess caused by the commercial fire damage by these experts. These experts are aware of the soot damage and know best how to clean up the soot using the right equipment. Moreover, the experts who are mainly firefighters are well dressed in bunker gear and are trained to handle the soot damage in a professional manner. Also, the experts can remove the bad smoke odor caused by the smoke damage using certain human-friendly chemicals.


Commercial business will benefit from fire restoration services especially when there is damage by fire on their premises. Smoke damage and soot damage results to damage of crucial files and equipment in the business. If the smoke damage and soot damage will not be restored on time, it can lead to drastic and costly effects occurrences. The good thing about hiring fire fighters with restoration knowledge is that they will clean up the mess caused commercial fire damage. These experts have their fire trucks, firefighters, fire hoses and much more equipment. It means that they are well equipped and armed to deal with the commercial fire damage restoration. Therefore, it is only best to hire these experts and not only to settle on the fire trucks but also other services. They will be in a position to check your fire sprinkler systems, fire hose and other things to prevent future fire loss, especially the utility room fire.

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Water Damage: What You Need to Know

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Water Damage: What You Need to Know

Flood damage, or water damage of any sort can be devastating not only to a structure, but to home and business owners alike. Whether caused by flood, supply line break, or even an internal pipe break, water cleanup and mitigation can be costly and stressful. But victims are not without options. A professional restoration company should be consulted as soon as possible after a loss to determine the proper course of action. Be it water in the home or water in a business, the situation should be trusted to the expertise of skilled restoration workers.
The first step in mitigation of any flood damage or water damage is to determine the source of the water and stop it. In the case of a supply line break, if the flooded home or business is hooked to a public water supply, the local water company will be contacted to shut off the flow. In the case of a flood, mitigation and restoration can begin only when the flood water has receded. If the water damage in the flooded home or business is caused by an internal pipe break the water may be turned off by a plumber or the flood damage restoration company.

Once the source of the excess water in the home or water in the business is stopped, water cleanup, drying, and restoration may begin. The water cleanup and drying process can vary in length, depending on the amount of water in the home or water in the business. Pumps may be used by the restoration company to hasten water cleanup, if necessary. If a flood is responsible for the damage, a build up of mud and debris may need to be removed from the flooded home. This may also be the case in the instance of flood damage caused by a supply line break.
Once the water removal and debris removal has been completed, the restoration company can fully assess the extent of the water damage. The flooded home or business will also be inspected for mold at this point. In cases where the flood damage is minor, such as internal pipe breaks or supply line breaks that have been caught early, mitigation and restoration may require little more than thorough drying using dehumidifiers and increased open air flow. In severe cases of water in the home or water in the business, however, there may be cosmetic and or structural damage that has occurred. Such damage may require the removal of carpeting, drywall, cabinetry, and other permanently ruined materials. The final drying process will not be able to be started until any saturated and ruined materials have been removed from the premises. If the damage was the result of an interior pipe break, the plumbing may be repaired by professionals at this point, while it is exposed.
When the water from the flooding or pipe break has been removed along with any debris and permanently damaged building materials, structural repairs may begin. Depending on the extent of the damage this may include new flooring, studs, drywall, and more. This process will vary in length based upon a multitude of factors such as availability of supplies and extent of damage. At this point, the restoration company and the home or business owner may begin to discuss cosmetic repairs such as paint or wall paneling and carpeting or floor finishing of varying sorts. The replacement of damaged appliances may also be discussed.

Any loss in the home or business can be very stressful and financially taxing. Water damage or flooding can be particularly difficult to deal with and remediate. However almost all but the most heavily damaged of homes and businesses can be salvaged after such a loss. While it may seem overwhelming, professionals trained in remediation of flood damage can make dealing with flooded structures much easier and less stressful. If you're dealing with such a loss, contact professionals as soon as possible.
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Recovery from Fire Damage

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Recovery from Fire Damage

Fire damages vary with how fast fire is put out. Destruction may be minimal and the victim can restore the appearance of the structure needs to be done professionally. After the fire is put out, it leaves behind its product which will continue to affect the house if fire cleanup is not done.

Fire damage restoration companies are professionals who restore a place to its pre-fire conditions. The restoration companies have professionals are trained in fire cleanup. The fire cleanup services will vary according to where the fire occurred.
Fire in home may affect just a family while a fire in business will affect one business unit or many units.

Fire and smoke damage restoration require skills. These professionals are trained to clean commercial fire damages, smoke smell, roof-trap and board up, clean smoke damages, soot damages and restore the items both domestic and commercial fire damages.
In an event that fire breaks out and is put out, it’s advisable one to get in touch with fire damage restoration professionals soon enough for fire clean up.

Professional restoration Company prevents further damages caused by fire and smoke products such as smoke cells, soot, and ash. Ash discolor surfaces, while smoke damage and soot damage cause corrosion and smoke smell. If the professional is not hired early enough the process of fire damage restoration becomes expensive with time.

The first fire cleanup activity the professionals do when he/she arrives at a building damaged by fire is to assess the full extent of damage which includes the impact fire products such as smoke, heat and ash and their respective damages. He then informs the owner of the action plan to be taken to have a full restoration.

The next step is to take after fire damage has occurred is to the board up and putting roof tarps. The fire damage restoration company will help you to repair the wall, board up the windows and tarp the roof to ensure that your property is safe. In the case of fire in home or fire in business board up and roof tarping should be done in order to ensure that your property does not experience another damage from other causes such as rain or destruction by outsiders.

During fire extinguishing process, water mixed with industrial Carbon dioxide is used. Normally, fire in home is put out using water. In the process, items get soaked with water. The next process after board up is drying the place. It is done mainly using dehumidifiers or air movers. Water is removed because it causes a corrosive effect when it mixes with smoke and ash which are both acidic. Their effects are adverse in the long run.

After drying, the damages restoration company can tackle smoke damage and soot damage. This damages especially the smoke damage cause discoloring of the wall marked by black spots of soot damage. The assessment of the damage should indicate whether the damage resulting from smoke damage will be cleaned up or the affected areas will be repainted. The restoration company’s crew is well trained and have special equipment that can be used to address this issues.

After fire damage, some smoke smell might linger even after fire cleanup process is done. The process of getting rid of the smoke smell can be done by cleaning all the items that were affected by the fire in business and especially those that can be reused. Air is then cleaned using industrial air scrubbers, Airwash purifiers, and fogging equipment.

The last part of fire damage restoration involves the restoration process whereby the property is made to appear as before pre-fire condition. Such activities may include reconstruction of large areas or rooms where board up cannot be a solution, painting and replacing of the affected carpets and finally installing new items to replace the destroyed ones especially in cases of commercial fire damage.

Fire damage can cause losses in residential and commercial areas. Destruction of furniture and other items in both fire in business and fire in homes may retard one’s ability to stay in his home or to produce income to pay his overheads. In the case of residential or commercial fire damage hiring a professional restoration company can help you to get back to normal operations in the property.
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An Overview of the Mold Removal Process

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An Overview of the Mold Removal Process

The term mold removal can be defined as the process by which mildew is eliminated. People who experience mold in home or fungus infestations in the office need to seek the services of a professional mildew damage mitigation and restoration company. This is because mold remediation requires high-quality tools and the application of the best mold in home removal standards and practices. The following is an overview of the procedure of eliminating mold damage, including mold growth behind walls remediation.

Mold Growth Remediation Process

The mold removal process consists of determining the exact location of the mold damage, its type, and its elimination. In cases where mold damage was experienced as a result of excessive moisture and has caused dry rot on wood, a professional fungus mitigation and restoration company will tear out the affected parts and reconstruct or repair them. The black mold remediation process includes the following steps.

• Mold Removal and Mildew Growth Assessment

Upon arrival into a home for mold removal and remediation, an experienced expert from a mold growth mitigation and restoration company will identify all areas affected by visble growth of mold. An environmental hygenist can determine types of mold and mold spore count. But, visible black mold is a clear indicator of having a problem. They will then identify the source of the problem and the extent of mold damage, which could have caused dry rot on wood. After the assessment, they will then formulate a remediation plan that might include deodorization to eliminate the smelly odor if any after which, they will start addressing the moisture problem.

• Mold in Home Encapsulation

Mildew encapsulation is the process through which fungus is contained by use of a mold growth resistance polymer. The process can be done in the absence of visible black mold as a way of preventing the spread of its spores. The materials used are propylene based polymers that form an elastic, black mold proof over affected studs. This seal will help to prevent mold growth behind walls while resisting moisture and bacteria when it is professionally applied.

• Mold Growth Filtration

Black mold spores are airborne, which makes it impossible to complete the mold removal process without professional assistance. For this reason, the air in the property affected by commercial mold damage will be cleaned by air scrubbers with HEPA filters. Such filtration is intended for removing any mold in home spores that might be lingering in the air, which could spread and cause mold growth behind wall and dry rot in wood.

• Removal of All Items Affected by Mold Growth in Office and Mold in Home

Building materials such as wood that are affected by dry rot and household items experiencing mold damage and mold growth behind walls have to be removed. This is because black mold is a living organism that can deeply embed itself into building materials for survival. The best way to avoid the return of mold damage is to dispose of anything porous. All nonporous materials have to be thoroughly cleaned using antimicrobial cleaners, and the smelly odor caused by mold damage has to be removed through deodorization. You may also need to have your HVAC cleaned to remove any existing fungus spores.

• Effective Drying

It is important to have all the repaired and the cleaned items remain thoroughly dry before employing deodorization to remove the smelly odor. This is because excessive moisture is the main cause of mold growth behind a wall and contrary to the prevailing misconception, no amount of deodorization will solve the problem of mildew infestation without proper drying. For this reason, experts from a mitigation and restoration company will use effective methods to ensure that you do not encounter residential mold damage again.

• Repair and Reconstruction

The repair and reconstruction process begins after all material affected by commercial mold damage, including wood experiencing dry rot have been removed. They are then replaced with clean fungus and smelly odor free ones. For those materials that were only affected by smelly odor, deodorization can be used by professional from a mold growth mitigation and restoration company to effectively restore them to their proper condition.


Mold in home only needs two days to start growing after water leakage or a flooding event. To avoid extreme mold damage like dry rot, there is need to seek the services of a fungus mitigation and restoration company immediately after suspecting mold growth behind wall. Such a company will also employ deodorization, a process by which smelly odor caused by mildew is removed from most of the house hold and office items experiencing commercial mold damage.
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The Key Benefits Of Professional Water Damage Restoration

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The Key Benefits Of Professional Water Damage Restoration

After significant water damage in a home, the goal is to renovate the property and restore its original value as well as mitigating such problem in the future. An emergency response team can help you when it comes to home restoration in the quest to handle the problem as soon as possible. The extent of the water damage will have a huge impact on the overall cost of repair. If you are lucky, the insurance company can help you to meet a substantial part of the home restoration bill.

While flooding can lead to significant water damage, a leaky roof or basement can also escalate the problem. It is vital to fix the leaks as part of your flood mitigation regimen and reduce the impact of floods in your home. While the signs of water damage are obvious, the floods have some secondary effects that include rotting of wood or development of mildew. It is vital to dry the water in home surfaces and eliminate the puddles that can cause such problems in the future. The restoration company will rely on various methods when drying the water in business floors, such as the natural or artificial methods. Flood mitigation is vital since you can reduce the cost of home repair if you abate the impact of floods in your property. The process of home repair after flooding involves water cleanup, deodorizing, drying, and dehumidifying. In the event of a pipe break in the kitchen, you are likely to end up with a flooded home. A flooded home can also be a result of a bathroom pipe break, meaning that the regular inspection of the system is vital.

The home restoration process entails fixing the source of the floods, water cleanup, drying, and taking the key steps during flood mitigation to prevent such an occurrence in the future. The poor flow of water in home drains due to blockages can lead to some potential flooding problems. Before you embark on the water cleanup, be sure to address the flaws in the drainage system. Installing some backflow preventers in the sewer and drainage systems is vital if you are looking to protect your home from contaminants. During the water cleanup, the consultants will use some disinfectants and detergents to clean your home and eliminate the contaminants. Besides addressing the supply line break, be sure to repair the leaks.

Remove all the water in home walls, carpets, and floor by pumping it out, mopping, and drying with the natural methods. As you eliminate the water in home walls and basements, avoid using a heater that might weaken the concrete walls. The best way to handle the flood damage after the leakage of water in business carpets is to get them out of the house for airing. The flow of water in business floors can lead to extensive flood damage that calls for expert intervention. When it comes to the elimination of water in business basements, you should avoid using a pump that causes the reduction of pressure and weakening of the walls. Avoid the unexpected pipe break by evaluating the plumbing system occasionally.

Mitigation is vital when it comes to the renovation of a flooded home. However, the success of the mitigation initiatives depends on the restoration company that you choose. A reputable restoration company is equipped with the requisite materials and expertise to handle the damages and renovate your flooded home back to its original state. If the supply line break is the main cause of the flood damage, stopping the flow of water in a flooded home is vital. Flaws in the plumbing system can cause flood damage after the supply line break. Sealing the pipes is a good way to prevent the supply line breaks in the future. The restoration company will propose several solutions when dealing with the pipe break in your bathroom.
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Stages of Professional Fire Damage Restoration

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Stages of Professional Fire Damage Restoration

A fire in a property, residential or commercial, can leave the owner feeling overwhelmed, wondering how to recover from the ensuing destruction. Fire damage professionals become the most valuable investments at this time. Losses from an accidental fire can reach astronomical costs, but a fire damage restoration company can help mitigate them. With the right techniques and products, a fire cleanup process can ensure that the premises are ready for use and that the destruction doesn’t spread any further. Although no one formula exists for restoring a building after soot damage and smoke damage, experts use a standard guideline when addressing the cleanup and restoration process.

Initial Contact

Fire damage restoration companies offer emergency services, and a client should make certain of this when hiring professionals to deal with residential or commercial fire damage. After the first responders have left the scene, the restoration experts have to be there as soon as possible, particularly when there is a risk of extensive destruction. With the availability of emergency services, a homeowner can make an immediate service call after a fire in home.


When a restoration company responds to that initial call, it will start by evaluating the degree of the fire damage. How strong is the smoke smell? How far does the soot damage go? Are there leaks causing water damage? Fire damage restoration experts will consider these aspects and more. It is only with a proper assessment of the extent of commercial fire damage that technicians are able to formulate a plan of action. After inspecting how much damage a fire in business has caused, the fire cleanup service can present a quote. A property owner should never work with a restoration company that estimates costs without seeing every inch of the fire damage.

Board Up and Roof Tarp

The first stage of cleaning up after a fire in home or fire in business is to moderate the damage. If a fire has left holes in the roof or walls, a board up procedure will be necessary to prevent further complications. Leaky roofs and walls may allow water to enter the property, leading to a whole new problem of water damage. Professionals put up tarps and board up compromised windows and doors will provide protection as well.

Water Removal

In instances where the fire damage includes burst plumbing pipes and blocked drainage systems, the restoration company will have to dry the area after the board up. Water damage after a fire in business or a fire in home can lead to the destruction of expensive furnishings and office equipment. The drying part of the fire cleanup process ensures that valuable items don’t spoil more than they already are. Removing water will also make it less challenging to fix the soot damage and the smoke smell.

The Cleaning

Fire damage restoration professionals use specialized tools and products to remove smoke damage and soot damage. Smoke and soot can leave the surfaces looking charred and stained, which is why the fire cleanup crew will scour and pressure clean the walls and ceilings. The soot damage and smoke damage may have extended to the carpets, draperies, or even hardwood floors. A fire restoration company will provide the necessary services to deal with this type of problem.

The smoke smell that lingers after a fire can make it difficult to reoccupy a property. It is why fire damage experts use sanitizers and fogging equipment to remove the smoke smell and make a building inhabitable after residential or commercial fire damage.

Repair and Renovation

After cleaning up fire damage, the restoration experts have to embark on a process of renovating the property. Even if the flames did not consume valuables, the smoke damage might have degraded them significantly. Professionals in fire damage restoration know the appropriate repairs after a fire in home or fire in business. Technicians will get rid of the board up and tarp materials and fit in proper installations. Whether it’s residential or commercial fire damage, restoration experts will clean up the property and return it to its pre-fire damage days.
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The Benefits of Professional Mold Remediation

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The Benefits of Professional Mold Remediation

Mold has been on the surface of the Earth for millions of years, in fact, mold is always present in the air and on surfaces everywhere especially where there is moisture. Not many people realize how common mold is, and this is because few are allergic to mold spores. Only the people who are sensitive to mold will detect a smelly odor when there is Mold damage in the home. In case you suspect that your house could be harboring mold, it is recommended that you get a professional to handle Mold removal. Below are a few important things you need to know about Mildew damage and how a restoration company can help you with mitigation of residential and commercial mold damage.

What causes mold growth?

Mold is basically fungus. Mold growth behind wall normally occurs in places which are both warm and damp. The most common places where you will find mold in home is the bathroom because of the frequent warm water and also the kitchen. However, this does not mean that other parts of the house are not susceptible to the growth of black mold and dry rot, in fact, it is the areas which are ignored which end up harboring a lot of the mold growth behind wall.

What are the side effects of having mold in home?

Having mold growth behind wall or mildew fungus in the house will have many effects on the health of your family and the structural integrity of the building because of the dry rot which results. Mildew is known to cause mold poisoning, especially black mold.  There is also the smelly odor which can make a building unlivable. The risks are the reason why a restoration company recommends vacating a house or other building as part of commercial mold damage mitigation as soon as you discover there the place is infested with mold in home.

What can be done to deal with mold in home?

It is important to note that mold damage is not one of those problems which can be fixed with DIY cleanup and deodorization. Most people who attempt to clean without the help of professionals leave behind traces of mold growth behind wall, putting their families at a greater risk of poisoning and the buildings at an increased risk of weakening over time due to dry rot and general mold damage. Masking the smelly odor with deodorization makes mold growth worse. A professional mold remediation company will help you do mold removal and mitigation in the building and inspect it to make sure that it is safe for people to continue living there.

What steps will the mold remediation company follow when doing mold remediation?

When you call in the restoration company, they will come and access the situation. When the damage due to dry rot and black mold is extensive, they will evacuate everyone from the building. Since mold is a type of fungus, most of the treatments against it are anti-fungal in nature. The company will physically remove the visible mold on the walls, floors and other surfaces. They will then use the anti-fungal to kill any spores that could be circulating in the air. After the cleanup and mitigation is done, they will do deodorization to the house to get rid of the stuffy and smelly odor left behind by mold.

During remediation of commercial mold damage, they also will fix any parts of the structure ruined by the mold. The repair includes repainting walls and using water proof sealants to prevent the occurrence of the same problem in future. Mold removal professionals will also try and fix the cause of the dampness which led to the mold growth in the first place. For instance, if the mold was because of a leaking water pipe, they will call in a plumber to fix the leak as this will prevent the same problem from happening again. The benefit of having a professional do the cleanup is that you are assured of complete eradication of the problem without having to expose yourself to the hazard that is posed by black mold fungus and mildew. If you suspect mold damage in your home, contact a professional mold restoration company to help you with Mold Removal, deodorization of the smelly odor and dealing with mold growth and commercial mold damage.
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Your Home or Business: Cleaning Up Water and Flood Damage

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Your Home or Business: Cleaning Up Water and Flood Damage

Have you ever had to cleanup water in a home? Have you had to hire a crew to clean out water in a business? The flooding of water can cause severe harm to a house and building. You will not be able to live in your home. If you own a business, it will need to close during this time. The cleanup of water damage is a necessary procedure. It can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. Also, water mitigation is another important process. You will need to prevent and limit further damage to your property. Restoration is the final process. This is the route to putting your home or business back in its previous state. The following information will help reduce the cost of water cleanup, mitigation, and restoration.

Causes of Water Damage

Water damage is responsible for thirty-seven percent of homeowners filing insurance claims. Water in a home can cause destruction to the interior. This issue can also happen when there is water in a business. There are some common causes of water in a home or business:

•Heavy rain causing the roof to leak
•Old pipes burst inside or under the structure
•Septic tank issue causes the toilet to overflow
•Using water to put out a fire causing damage to your possessions
•Sink or bathtub overflows onto the floor
•Line to the air conditioner unit causes water to soak into the ceiling

Causes of Flood Damage

Flood damage occurs when there is a lot of rain falling for several days. The rain can cause rivers to rise above their banks and flood the streets. Additionally, issues with dams or levees can cause flooding in areas. The water rises and comes into homes and buildings causing flood damage.

Cleanup after Water and Flood Damage

After discovering water in a home or business, you need to start water cleanup. You may find water in the whole house or in one room. If you find water in a business, it can be in the entire building. Also, you may see it covering several floors. Water cleanup is a tedious task but it will save your house or building. Here are some suggestions for safe water cleanup:

•Open all windows for drying the house or building
•Turn off the electrical power and gas
•If there is a mud issue, use a shovel to get rid of it
•Use a hose to rinse any excess debris away
•Wet-dry vacuum is good for drying water from the floor
•Continue drying the floor after removing the carpet and padding
•If water is in the basement, pump it out
•Take pictures before and after the water cleanup for evidence

Mitigation of Water in a Home or Water in a Business

You can protect your valuables from further water damage using mitigation. These are the steps you will need to preserve the items:

•Put dry clothing, books, files, and paper in plastic containers to preserve them
•Remove your wet clothing and items
•Using wooden blocks, lift your furniture above the floor
•Place pieces of aluminum foil under wooden items
•Use pins or tape to lift drapery off the wet floor
•Put all electronic items in a dry place


Restoration is the final step before moving back into your home or office. These are the things you need to check to make your home or business safe:

•Drying of carpet, floors, and walls is complete
•Insure that all electrical and gas appliances are working
•Check for any type of structural damage
•Hire a certified inspector for safety reasons
•Buy flood insurance for financial protection

The cleanup of water is tedious, but it is worth it. You can save your property from damage. Water mitigation is also important. You want to limit any further damage to your home, business, and valuables. Restoration is an essential process, which will put your home or business back to its normal condition.
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The Recovery Process After a Fire

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The Recovery Process After a Fire

Fire needs oxygen to burn. Fire simply is the chemical oxidation of materials through combustion, which then releases heat and light. It is hot because of the conversion of the weak bonds of oxygen to molecular bond. Depending on the burning substance the intensity and color of the flame vary. Conflagration occurs and can cause physical damage to properties and even harm the body.

Fire most of the time has its positive if well maintained otherwise it may cause severe damage. A well-managed fire in home and fire in business can be used to cook, light up the home, as a source of heat. Fire in business or fire in home affects it negatively; it may lead to severe losses which can be a lifetime damage. In a case of fire in home or fire in business, you can first take precautions before calling professionals to do the fire cleanup and fire restoration process to prevent commercial fire damage.

When waiting for the fire cleanup team, you can:

• Consider your family safety first. Maintain a safe distance from the fire.
• Place old linen and rugs on carpet surfaces.
• Reduce movement to prevent soot damage on carpets.
• Wash any plant leaves both sides.
• Use petroleum jelly and coat chrome
• Change HVAC filters

What NOT to do after a fire:

• Don’t use any canned food that might have been close to the fire.
• Don’t use electrical appliances, circuits, and outlets that may have been damaged by fire.
• Don’t dry clean clothes for wrong technique will make the smoke smell permanent.

After a fire in home or fire in business incident most probably the next step is the fire restoration and fire cleanup the process. After the fire, you may likely experience smoke damage and soot damage.

Fire damage restoration process

After the firefighting team leaves, you may require a fire damage restoration team to come through and clean up the messes. Most fire damage occurs when putting out the fire in home or fire in business. You will find that the roofs, walls, windows have holes this is because firefighter cut holes to allow ventilations. The following steps illustrate the fire damage restoration process:

Emergency contact

Restoration begins when you call in a recovery company to handle the fire damage. Most companies will do the following:

• Secure home from more damage
• Estimate the fire damage
• Repair the asset in the fire damage
• Storing fixed item until you need it.
• Determine the cost of restoration.

Inspection and fire damage assessment

This is the second step in the fire damage restoration process. This step is important as it is where you get the plan of action. The extent of the soot damage, smoke damage is carried out.

Board-up and Tarp service

In this step, the walls and windows are boarded up, and the roof is tarped. This process is done to maintain security and reduce further damage to it during the fire cleanup process.

Water removal and drying

Here machines such as dehumidifiers and air movers are used. For proper restoration, all the wetness should be taken care off to reduce accidents. The water is mainly from the firefighters.

Smoke damage and soot damage removal.

In this stage smoke damage and soot is cleaned up using a special vacuum cleaner and wipe downs.For commercial fire damage, this step is the most important.

Cleaning and sanitizing

In this step is the most important in the fire cleanup process. Although your items and surfaces may look good, there is much work to ensure perfect home or business.Here the removal of smoke smell is done after the fire in business.The smoke smell can be irritating to the body. Most smoke smell is removed using air scrubbers and fogging equipment. The quality of air after a commercial fire damage should be checked to ensure stable business. Also, removal of smoke smell is done by carbon purifiers.


After a commercial fire damage has occurred most assets are destroyed, restoration may be through painting on the wall or minor repairs. It may also require fixing of the whole room as the commercial fire damage restoration need to be perfect.To conclude, all the commercial fire damage restoration process should be done by professionals because they may be dangerous and require expertise.
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A Guide on How Professionals Remediate Mold

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 A Guide on How Professionals Remediate Mold

As buildings get older, Mold damage has become a significant hazard. Commercial mold damage and mold in home can destroy a building, and when mold levels are elevated, it can cause a smelly odor serious health risks. Understanding the Mold removal and remediation process is crucial in ensuring that the job is done correctly. To walk customers through the process, the professionals list some of the most vital mold remediation tips.

Firm Identification and Job Scope

If someone notices Mold damage in a home or commercial building, their first step is to hire an expert who can determine the extent of the damage and outline the scope of the mitigation process. A mold remediation or inspection company can evaluate the damage caused by mold in home and determine the proper course of action, but it is also a good idea for customers to consult an independent industrial hygienist for assessment and testing of potential hazards. The hygienist will work for the property owner and supervise the removal of mold, fungus and mildew to ensure the right outcome. The Mold removal process typically follows the sequence outlined below.

Containment and Engineering Controls

Certain types of mold can stay in the air for upwards of eight hours after air movement, quickly causing a smelly odor. Containment is a crucial step; if it’s not done by a mold mitigation expert, spores, mildew and fungus can quickly spread. Below are a few ways to contain commercial mold damage or mold in home.

Poly sheeting can isolate affected areas.
Negative air systems can prevent mold spores from getting into unaffected areas in a home or commercial building.
Air scrubbers can condition air during mildew mitigation. These large HEPA filtration machines clean air at a set per-hour rate.
Some Mold removal projects require special dehumidifiers, supplied air, supplemental heat and other measures to remove smelly odor.

The Beginning of the Removal Process

Depending on the hygienist’s advice, the Mold removal and deodorization process may be as simple as a source removal of fungus, or as involved as media blasting of a large contaminated area. The prevention of commercial mold damage may involve small containment, the establishment of negative air pressure, removal of affected materials, HEPA vacuuming of surfaces and the application of a mold-proof coating to exposed frameworks.

Cleaning Workspaces and Nearby Contaminated Areas

Here, affected and surrounding areas are cleared of mold spores and fungus growth. A thorough hygienic cleaning is a very important, yet frequently overlooked part of the remediation process. If it’s not properly done by a Mold removal specialist, the mitigation effort will likely fail. Furnishings can collect dust quickly, and if the area has a high humidity level, mold can quickly grow on the dust, creating a smelly odor and making cleaning and deodorization difficult.

Secondary Cleaning

Once the initial cleaning is done and the area is free of particulates, it’s time for the final part of the process. Despite an expert’s thoroughness, it’s possible to miss small areas where mold spores can re-settle. A secondary cleaning focuses primarily on floors, ceilings, upholstery and cabinet tops. During the cleaning, the experts will use high-powered LED lights, microfiber cloths and HEPA vacuums to find and remove errant mold spores.

Antimicrobial Coatings

After a thorough cleaning, the experts will apply an antimicrobial coating to prevent future mildew and Mold damage. These coatings reduce surface porosity and prevent particulate accumulation while keeping moisture out. When these deodorization coatings are used according to industry standards, they can strengthen the process of removing mold in home.

Final Inspections

After all of these home and commercial mold damage repair steps are completed, it’s time for an inspection by the remediation specialists and the industrial hygienist. During the inspection, materials will be checked for moisture and dust, and the building’s air ducts will likely undergo deodorization as well. From there, samples are provided for analysis, and once the results are in, the hygienist will ensure they are within acceptable levels. A report is issued, stating that the home or building is ready for repairs or occupancy. The steps listed here can help owners ensure a smooth process and the proper outcome after Mold damage.
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Water Damage Restoration

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Water Damage Restoration

This year has shown tremendous flooding and hurricane damage throughout the mid-west. Although the flood damage has destroyed many homes and businesses, there are some that are still standing. Needless to say, they have suffered extreme water damage, which requires the services of experts on water cleanup and drying techniques.

After the waters have subsided, and there is still water in home or water in business, it is time to call in professionals who specialize in flood damage cleanup. They are equipped with the proper equipment together with the expertise to handle a complete water cleanup as well as providing mitigation services..

The restoration of a home or business to its original state requires experience in the field. Such a company must be knowledgeable and comply with local laws regarding disposal of ruined rugs, furniture and other things that have suffered from flood damage. This type of work requires the expertise of highly trained restoration technicians.

Mold is something that can quickly spread through a building that has had water damage. Mold spores grow into colonies and become a health problem. A water damage restoration technician will used specialized equipment to remove all traces of mold.

In a flood, just the lower part of a building may suffer water damage. This means that the ceiling, floors, walls, air ducts, HVAC, carpet, upholstery, toilet, kitchen appliances and other areas must be addressed. This must be done as soon as possible, after the water recedes, in order to be able to work quickly to complete the flood damage cleanup.

A professional clean-up company will offer the following mitigation services:

• Assessment - The first step of water cleanup after a flood is inspection and an assessment of the water damage. This includes determining exactly how far the water in home or water in business has traveled.

• Rug and Furniture removal – Furniture and rugs ruined by water damage must be discarded. Depending on the amount of debris, a dumpster may be needed.

• Water extraction – Water is extracted through the use of vacuum units and powerful pumps. These are used to remove the many gallons of water in home or water in business that still remains in the building.

• Drying – Specialized equipment removes any remaining water prior to using air movers and dehumidifiers for drying the home or business.

• Sanitizing and cleaning – After drying the area, all surface areas, any recoverable furniture and other items are sanitized and cleaned. This will remove the flood water odors and sometimes restore items to a near original condition.

• Restoration Service – Some companies offer this mitigation service. It involves making minor or major repairs, fixing drywall, installing carpets and so forth. When completed, all signs of flood damage is eradicated.

Prior to calling a professional water cleanup company it is important to determine if further flooding is expected. Sometimes the sun comes out and one thinks the problem is over while, in reality, the rain is going to come back even stronger. A check with the weather bureau will provide this information.

A person has a large investment in a home or business. Finding water in home or water in business can be devastating. Having a professional company able to mitigate the situation makes it possible to take the necessary restoration steps to retain their investment when there is flood damage in the area.

Flooding can be a frightening experience, especially if one’s home or business is a victim. Fortunately, modern mitigation methods have been developed that make cleaning and restoring possible. Companies that specialize in this work have modern equipment especially designed to restore damaged flood homes to their original condition. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on water damage.

Surviving the Devastating Effects of Fire Damage

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Surviving the Devastating Effects of Fire Damage

A fire can strike a home or business at any time leaving the owner to deal with its devastating consequences. Anyone who has suffered such a loss realizes the massive effort that is required to clean up after a fire of any magnitude and to attempt to restore the structure to its original condition. It requires the expertise of experts who specialize in fire damage restoration. Most insurance companies recommend that home or business owners enlist the services of professionals who are trained in fire cleanup. Fire damage restoration services work with insurance companies to help eliminate as much stress as possible for the owners.

Residential Fire Damage

The fire damage cleanup process in a home requires the profession cleanup team to first determine the items that are salvageable. They then decide on which cleaning method or restoration process they will use. Because these professional fire damage-restoring experts are trained in cleanup techniques, they know how to treat problems caused by fire and smoke. When personal items are considered cleanable, they will be sent out to another location where they can be cleaned more effectively and restored to their original condition without that smoke smell. Soot damage and smoke damage affect furniture, draperies, and other household items from a fire in the home. Reputable fire damage restoration services understand that fire and water can cause extensive structural damage. Roofs, walls, ceilings, and floors can become a safety hazard after a fire in the home. It is important to have a fire damage restoration service assess the property before reentering it.

Commercial Fire Damage

A fire in a home can be devastating, but a fire in a business can cause additional problems. The process of recovering from a fire in a business, even a small one is complicated. Businesses are left to file complicated claim forms that may take a long time to complete and process. Soot, water, and smoke damage add to the frustration of filing a claim for any business. Not only do the owners suffer the psychological effects of going through a fire, but also the financial problems which can be even worse. Suffering through a fire in a business is damaging on many different fronts. Productivity and revenue that are lost as a result of a fire cleanup can be catastrophic especially for a small business. Smoke damage that occurs because of commercial fire damage requires professional expertise to eliminate the smoke smell that remains after the fire cleanup.

Reasons for Using Professionals for Fire Cleanup

Homeowners and business owners are anxious to clean up the fire damage in their homes and businesses, but it pays to wait until a professional service can be found. They are the experts and they understand the tedious process that is involved in recovering from a fire in the home or even a small fire in a business. Attempting to clean up after a fire can not only cause frustration and involve a lot of effort, but it can even lead to more damage. It is much better to hire a professional service that is trained to do the cleanup than to risk further damaging the structure. Soot damage and smoke damage are not easily resolved. A major problem that remains from any fire is a smoke smell resulting from fire damage. Professionals can thoroughly clean items that have received soot damage which can cause extensive corrosion and discoloration on surfaces if not properly removed. Soot damage can become a major problem if left unresolved as a result of commercial fire damage. The smoke smell that lingers from commercial fire damage is difficult, but not impossible to remove. Much of the smell results from not removing and cleaning upholstery and draperies that were close to the fire area immediately after the fire. Cleanup should begin as soon as feasibly possible to ensure structural integrity of a home or business. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on fire damage.

The Process of Mold Damage Restoration

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The Process of Mold Damage Restoration

Mold and its Causes

Mold and mildew are both fungi that can grow either indoor or outdoor as long as there is moisture. Lack of proper mitigation may lead to uncontrolled growth, which may cause commercial mold damage.

Moisture is important for the growth of. Mildew and mold in home cases increase significantly after floods. Excessive moisture in a house compromises the quality of air because of enhancing the breeding of pests and molds leading to smelly odor.

The following conditions must be present for mold and mildew to thrive.

- Source of mold spores

- Source of food

- Darkness

- Heat

- Oxygen

- Water

If the above conditions are all present, mold in home will start to grow after 24-48 hours.

Water and high humidity in houses is caused by;

- Humid weather, especially near large water bodies

- Poor ventilation

- Drying clothes in houses

- Leaking roof

- Condensation

- Flooding

- Moist basement.

Moisture control in a building is critical in the mitigation of mold and mildew.

Identification and Effects of Mold

Here are the factors that indicate that your house is affected by this fungus;

- Mold in home can easily be identified through appearance. They cause discoloration on the places they invade, for instance, ceiling or wall. If the discolored area is big and you observe a greenish-black mold, then that is a serious infestation.

- Mold in home produces a smelly odor, which may need deodorization later.

- If you observe mold damage that is more than four feet by eight, mitigation is needed.

The following effects are associated with the presence of mold.

- For those people who are sensitive to mold, it can cause various complications like nasal stuffiness, coughing, wheezing, itching of the throat, eye, and skin, and eye redness among others.

- Mold damage is associated with a smelly odor leading to pollution of the air in the house or building.

- May lead to blocking of water pipes.

- It destroys the beauty of the house.

- May lead to loss of value for an infested house.

- Commercial mold damage, which will require money for mitigation, remediation, and deodorization.

Mold Removal

Before hiring the services of professionals to remove mold in your house, it is important to have basic information about mold removal and remediation. This information may help you identify real and fake companies. Learning of these basic concepts may be easy; however, the actual work of removing the fungus can be a big challenge.

After confirming mold damage in your house, it is good to seek the services of a reputable company for mold removal. Always ensure that the company you choose for remediation has the required training, equipment, and experience.

An effective remediation process follows these basic processes;

- Mold damage evaluation;

A reputable company will send professionals to your house to look for any sign of the fungus. They may use advanced equipment and technologies to detect it.

- Mold control;

After confirming the presence of mold, the next step in mold removal is containment and deodorization. Several containment procedures are followed to control commercial mold damage. For instance, a negative air chamber may be used to seclude the infected. Negative air pressure may be used to control the spread of mold spores during the cleaning process.

- Filtration of the air

Advanced companies have the equipment used to capture mold spores in the air. Such machines are very important as they control spread of spores during the mold removal process.

- Mold extraction

The amount of infection and the surface affected determines the remediation process. To prevent any future commercial mold damage, some companies use advanced deodorization and treatments such as antifungal and antimicrobial sprays.

- Cleaning of the house/building

After removing the fungus from the infested areas, it is important to know that spores must have spread to other places in the room, clean the smelly odor.

- Restoration

After cleaning and removal of the infested materials, restoration is the last step. Restoration involves returning the building to how it was. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on mold remediation.

Removing The Moisture After Water Damage

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Removing The Moisture After Water Damage

Water in home or water in business would mean moisture in walls and ceilings too. In the case of water damage or flood damage, all the wet material needs to be removed as a mitigation measure. This would include insulation, and wooden by-products like panels, besides anything else that is porous. This would require drying and air movement is the best method for that.

Do note that drywall is highly porous. No amount of water damage restoration can work on it. Hence it must be thrown away on seeing any signs of water damage or flood damage. The wallboard must be removed to nearly a foot above the water mark in case of water in home or water in business. Walls that cannot be dried through air movement may be drained by removing their baseboard. During water cleanup, always check the interior of the wall to look for any mold growth. Ensure ample drying to remove it completely.

Mitigation measures would require sizing up the mold growth. A significant amount of mold growth would need professional cleaners. While doing water damage restoration, ensure that the area being cleaned is well-ventilated and has a lot of air movement. This will allow drying to happen faster.

Wear gloves, along with a mask or respirator, as well as eye protection while doing water cleanup after flood damage or water damage.

Water damage restoration requires cleaning hard surfaces with soap and hot water. Hence all metal, wood, plastic, as well as glass should be cleaned well. A stiff brush can be used on rough surfaces in case of water in home or water in business.

Before water damage restoration, all standing water has to be removed in case of water in home or water in business. Then the area needs to be disinfected with a bleach solution as a mitigation measure. This solution must stay on the surface for some time. It must be rinsed off with clean water and then left for drying. This is important in the case of flood damage. Allow for ample air movement. This can be the biggest aid while doing water cleanup.

The porous material must be cleaned well. This would include upholstered furniture, clothes, bedding, carpets, books, and so on. Many of these will not be in a position to get restored after water damage or flood damage. So throw these away. All these must be disinfected with a pine-oil cleaner after water cleanup. Mitigation measures require this material to be dry completely. It must be monitored for several days after cleaning to check for any mold or odors. If it returns, discard the item.

It is quite clear that removal of moisture is of utmost importance here. Even a tiny amount can lead to mold, dirty smell, and diseases. Hence it needs to be removed completely and quickly. The house or business premises become safe only after everything is cleared and sanitized. There is a lot of visible and invisible material in flood waters. Hence nothing should be left to chance. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on water damage.

Restoring Recent Water Damage

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Restoring Recent Water Damage

Mitigation of flood damage can help you remove water in your home before it becomes water damage. A water damage restoration crew will assist to minimize flood damage by using a water cleanup crew to remove water in your home. Drying the water damage completely after a successful water cleanup will likely help you to avoid any permanent water damage. Water in a business causing flood damage can be dealt with in the same way.

Water Damage Restoration

You must start working quickly not letting any water sit. Mold can grow within 24 hours of the water damage occurring. If someone began water cleanup soon, they could avoid permanent flood damage. The same rule applies for water in a business, don't wait more than 24 hours to begin your water damage restoration project.

Water in Your Business

Having water in your business is just as bad as having water in your home and be dealt with much the same way. The first thing that should be done is that everything needs to be taken out. You will have to assess all of the property that you bring out to see if anything is worth saving. If any furniture is entirely soaked, it should be gotten rid of. If something is just a little bit damp, it can be set outside in the sun and open air movement for drying.

Mitigation, Mitigation, Mitigation

When everything has been removed from the area, water cleanup can begin. Water in a home can be extracted in a few different ways. A pump can be used to move large amounts of water outside of the home. A vacuum that can be used with water will help once the pump has done its job. After that, a mop can be utilized. Remove all the water that you can.

Drying With Powerful Air Movement

Water in a business is removed in the same way. After you have done what you can using the other tools, pick up an industrial fan and a high capacity dehumidifier. The dehumidifier will remove moisture from the air while the powerful fans will direct air movement to where it is needed the most. Drying is sped up this way so that mold does not have the time to multiply.

Bringing Back Your Furniture

It is better to get rid of a sofa than it is to put one with water damage that will spawn mold back into your newly restored area. Make sure that the pieces you did save don't have any funny smells to them or anything after they are dried with air movement. That's a good sign that your piece of furniture is moldy.

Water Damage Restoration is an easy way to save a lot of money on the permanent flood damages associated with water damage. By completely drying a home or business quickly, mold will not be an issue. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on water damage.

What to do in Case of Fire Loss

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What to do in Case of Fire Loss

Fire loss is devastating. A fire loss not only affects you but all of those in the household. Sometimes it also affects those around you if the fire resulted in commercial fire damage. A fire in the home will will displace your entire family. The fire loss will have taken all the memories that you have accumulated over the years that you have lived in your residence. Fire damage is not just limited to the flames. Soot damage can affect the portions of the house that may not have been touched by the fire damage. Then there is the smoke damage. Smoke damage is almost impossible to remove from the remainder of the house that may not have been affected by the fire damage. Soot damage will leave a black film across all portions of the house not burned with the fire damage. While soot damage can be cleaned up it is a very large undertaking and sometimes cannot be cleaned off the surface. You may have to remove any soot damage articles and replace them. Maybe the soot damage did not reach all the areas of your home, but the smoke damage did. Smoke damage is much like that of soot damage. Smoke damage leaves a film on your belongings and is so very difficult to get the smell out of them. You do need to be aware of any type of air quality issue as well. Even a small fire in the home can result in the entire home being deemed a loss. A fire in the home can be a daunting task to when it comes time to start the fire cleanup. Fire cleanup is the most difficult task to undertake. During the fire cleanup you are sifting through what is left of the fire damage and this can spark the emotions of loss.

Commercial fire damage, unlike fire in the home, can affect more than just your home. Commercial fire damage is a fire in a business. These commercial fires damage can affect the air quality, depending on what the contents of the building was that caught fire. If it any type of caustic material you will need to follow proper protocol to eliminate any air quality issues. Air quality issues will affect the air that others breathe. If this is bad the EPA will need to know what to do to fix the air quality around the fire damage. Fire loss for the business can be detrimental. Fire loss means that they are not able to operate and they will lose the business from that particular business. Commercial fire damage worse than a fire fire in the home due to it being a fire in a business. It not only is a loss for them, it is a loss for their income. Fire in a business means no income until the fire cleanup is completed. A fire in a business is the same loss as a residential home but the fire cleanup may be a little different as the insurance for the fire in a business is a little different due to insurance company requirements. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on fire loss.

What You Should Know About Fire Damage Restoration

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What You Should Know About Fire Damage Restoration

Should a business owner suffer a fire in their business, there are many factors to be considered when handling the commercial fire damage. The same goes for a fire in a home. The fire damage can cause a major setback. The smoke damage affects air quality, and the soot damage can present major hazards also. Fire cleanup and the analysis of the extent of the fire loss is a big job that needs to be handled by trained professionals.

The fire damage in a home may seem like a job that can be handled by the owner. This is not advised, as most people don't have the tools or knowledge to handle such a job. The soot damage and smoke damage can affect asthma by poor air quality. Water damage from fighting the fire also adds to the risk. Items in the fire loss can be water logged and much heavier. After a fire in the home, it's normal to want to tackle the problem and handle the fire cleanup.

Commercial fire damage from a fire in a business also may affect merchandise and future sales. If customers are able to smell the smoke damage or see soot damage, they will be concerned. The air quality in a store must be at a safe level to avoid potential suits. It's always wise to have an insurance adjuster look at the fire damage when a fire in a business occurs. The adjuster is familiar with assessing commercial fire damage and exactly what will be entailed in the fire cleanup.

After a fire in the home, it's also important to have the fire cleanup estimated. An insurance adjuster will visit the property to see exactly the extent of what needs to be replaced after the fire damage, and what financial effects the fire loss will have on the property. At a minimum, the policy should be able to cover the smoke damage, soot damage and any other damage needed to get the house back to reasonable condition with the air quality being tolerable, and not a danger to one's health from the fire damage.

Whether there's been a fire in the home, or a fire in the business resulting in commercial fire damage, a fire cleanup and restoration company can often take care of the smoke damage, soot damage and restore the air quality. Many times the fire loss is undetectable and can be restored to "like new" conditions.

Taking care of the fire loss whether it's a fire in a home, commercial fire damage or a fire in a business can be stressful. It's important that the fire damage is properly handled to avoid even further complications from dangers presented by environmental factors if the proper steps in dealing with a fire cleanup aren't taken. At the very least, the soot damage, air quality and smoke damage must be resolved for the health of everyone in a fire in a home or a fire in a business, resulting in commercial fire damage. Contact a certified professional right away! Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on fire damage.

The Difference Between Mold Remediation and Removal

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The Difference Between Mold Remediation and Removal

It’s important to schedule a consultation and in-home visit with a qualified Environmental hygienist if mildew, mold or microbial growth is suspected. The reason being is that the presence of any of these could lead to serious problems in your home. In cases involving mold damage, cleanup procedures should begin immediately.

Typically, there’s mitigation with mold, mildew and fungus. Meaning that it never stays in one place, it grows and spreads to other areas. It can be confusing where to start, if you're unaware of the potential risks and what’s involved with mold cleanup.

Tips to help when dealing with mold and microbial growth:

1. First, have the area examined by a trained Environmental hygienist. Because they have both advanced knowledge and experience in mold cleanup.

2. Identify the source of the problem. Working along with the Environmental hygienist, it’s possible to detect where the problem started and the cause/causes.

3. Fix the problem, by thoroughly cleaning the area or by making the necessary repairs.

Many conditions can lead to uncontrolled mold, mildew, fungus and microbial growth; such as unexpected flooding due to extreme weather conditions, a leaky roof or a water pipe break. Or an unknown source of leaking water. Whatever the cause, the first thing is to ensure that it is contained to prevent mitigation and then reverse the damage. Mitigation is an often overlooked aspect of containing microbial growth. But it spreads and with that it could destroy whatever area is covered with moisture. Fungus thrives in moisture because it is a fungi, which means that it multiplies rapidly in colonies.

When mold occurs outdoors, it’s a natural ecological development. But in the home, mold cleanup is required for the betterment of air quality and to thwart mitigation.

Plumbing problems aren't repaired by the Environmental hygienist, they strictly deal with mold cleanup. If this is the culprit, a plumber will need to perform a repair. Because in environments where there’s constant moisture or wetness, such as in the bathroom or shower; mildew growth could be an annual issue.

Testing is required to determined what type of fungus is responsible for the spores and to perform a visible check for additional colonies. Fungal spores properties complicate cleanup. Professional testing is the only way to identify the underlying cause, and to also check the quality of air in the home. Not all mildew is visible, sometimes the problem can be hidden underneath floor boards, anywhere there’s either an accumulation of water or an overly moist environment. In private dwellings, it's easier to assess the situation, unlike problems that pose a threat to the general public. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on mold removal and remediation.

Fire Loss Restoration in Spring Valley, CA

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Fire Loss Restoration in Spring Valley, CA

When fire strikes your home or business in Spring Valley, CA, you can never truly be ready. The best you can do is be educated about your options and get the best help to repair the damages and get your life back to normal. Fire cleanup is no easy task. Fire damage, water damage from fire, smoke damage and soot damage need be addressed by seasoned professionals.

The primary consideration when a fire has been put out and damage can be assessed is whether the home or business is safe for habitation. If the damage is minor, staying in your home or returning to work is a possibility. If there is any structural damage it is best to find other accommodations until it can be repaired. Other concerns are electrical issues and slip and fall hazards. If these dangers are minor and you are equipped to deal with them, you can consider staying in your home or working in your office. Remember that wet materials are very heavy and it may take strength to move and deal with these objects.

After a Fire

The aftermath of fire damage and water damage from a fire in Spring Valley or Jamul, California should include the following precautions:

• Keep soot damage to a minimum by limiting movement in the home. This will prevent particles from becoming embedded into carpets and upholstery.
• Wash hands often to prevent the transfer of soot to furniture and walls.
• In high traffic areas, place towels and old linens on the rugs and upholstery to minimize additional damage.
• Empty your refrigerator and freezer and prop the doors open if there is no electricity.
• A light coat of petroleum jelly or oil will help clean and protect chrome surfaces.
• Revive your houseplants by washing on both sides of the leaves.
• Put double layers of cheesecloth over air registers and change the HVAC filters.

Things Not to Do After a Fire

After a fire, residents of California should take precautions during the fire cleanup process. Contacting an experienced fire damage professional in Jamul, CA will assist you in ensuring the process goes smoothly and prevents further damage to your property. Here are a few precautions you can take:

• Do to smoke and soot damage, don’t attempt to wash painted surfaces such as walls or shampoo carpet and upholstery. Contact your fire clean-up professional first.
• Never attempt to eat food or beverages that were in close proximity to the fire, water or heat.
• Don’t use any fixtures attached to a wet ceiling. The wiring may have been damaged.
• Do not send clothing to a regular dry cleaner. Soot and smoke odor may be set permanently if the proper cleaning procedures are not followed.

Hire a Professional Fire Clean-Up Service

Residents in Jamal will benefit from a professional service assessing and addressing issues following a fire. A professional will provide structural cleaning. After determining the extent of the damage, experienced pros will thoroughly clean walls, ceilings, furniture, carpet, and flooring. A good service uses specific equipment and products to clean light soot deposits, preventing the cost of repainting or refinishing those surfaces. If significant damage has been done, the experienced pros will be able to prepare surfaces and properly deodorize the smoke damage so that new paint and finish will properly adhere.

Content cleaning involves all the items able to be restored. Contents will need to be properly cleaned and deodorize including furniture, drapes, rugs, and upholstery. Testing of fabrics should be conducted to determine which products and cleaning methods will be the most effective. All contents should be restored to their condition before the fire including art, electronics, furniture, clothing, and bedding.

Air quality after a fire is a consideration. Find a service that will eliminate offensive odor caused by fire and smoke and return your building to the pre-fire air quality. Don’t use a company that covers odors with a fragrance, find a service that determines the source of odors and removes them. Make sure your professional is able to explain the deodorization methods and determine which one will work best for you and your home or business.

Overview of Procedures Following a Fire

Your professional clean-up specialists should contact you within an hour of notice after a fire. You need to know that help is on the way. The company should be on site within four hours of notification to begin the mitigation service which is key to reducing costs.The experienced professional will walk you through the entire clean-up process and explain what to expect and possible outcomes. In eight hours, a good company will be able to provide a briefing with the scope of the clean-up project to the insurance adjustor or property manager.

The next step in the process is pretesting for what can be restored, beginning with the source of the damage and working outward before cleaning, restoring and deodorizing. The company should have the latest knowledge, products, and equipment to ensure the job is done correctly.

Specialized cleaning will be needed for some items such as electronics. The experienced professional will know how to properly clean the metal casing to prevent moisture and residue from causing corrosion. Artwork may require an art restorer. The seasoned professional will subcontract fine art if it is damaged. In any case, a detailed list of the items that are restorable and those that are not should be presented and explained. A summary of the findings along with the steps that will be taken for cleaning and restoration should be presented.

Finally, after the completion of the job, a walk-through should be completed. The customer should be completely satisfied with the job. If there are questions or concerns, they should be addressed immediately by the clean-up supervisor.Following these steps will help reduce the expenses from an unexpected fire in your home or business and quickly restore property back to its pre-fire state. After a fire has occurred in your home or business, locating an experienced fire clean-up specialist is the quickest and most guaranteed way to restore your home back to normal. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on fire damage and cleanup services.

Mold Remediation in Spring Valley, CA

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Mold Remediation in Spring Valley, CA

There are growing concerns about mold going on in Spring Valley, California since it's now a common problem in that area. This fungus can grow in the outdoors and indoors' environment, and most of the are not harmful to people's health unless it's discovered in high concentration.

With this fungus becoming more common in the Spring Valley, California area, it's important to know the proper prevention methods as well as the mitigation process. This microorganism can grow and spread quickly when it comes to damp and humid climates, such as in the San Diego County, CA area. And furthermore, the spores can remain in homes for a long period of time which makes it difficult to mitigate. Also, some dangerous microorganism can't be seen when going airborne, such as black mold. And thus, the mold cleanup is hard.

Hiring the Best Professionals

With these issues and more, it's vital to hire a reputable Environmental Hygienist to handle the mold cleanup and the source where this growth is coming from. Cleaning this microorganism is a hard thing for untrained people to do. There is a myth that bleach will kill this microorganism, but that's not true most of the time. If the point of where the microbial growth started is not addressed, the growth will continue. However, an Environmental Hygienist knows the ins and outs on how to safely and securely handle these situations. He/she will use different equipment and cleaning supplies that are approved by the government. There will be no mildew from the humidity in these areas. And even though it's impossible to keep this microorganism away, it can stay at bay by keeping an airy and dry atmosphere that will cut down on the humidity and mildew especially in the more common areas where this fungus grows, including the attic, crawl spaces, basements, kitchens, and bathrooms. This growth can also be found near windows, roofs, potted plants, and pipes.

Detection & Prevention Method

There are another expert to hire to handle the growth called the Inspection Specialist. This professional is highly trained in using a mold testing kit that can show whether or not one's home contains this substance. This testing kit will also show whether or not the growth is at a dangerous level for one's health. And if it's found to be at a dangerous level in the Jamul and surrounding areas, the remediation process will start.

The Classifications

Knowing that some of these microorganisms are toxigenic, meaning that molecular toxins are produced which are called Mycotoxins and which, in turn, is one of the deadliest forms that are deadly to one's health upon ingesting a large quantity for a period of time.

One a more positive note, Mycotoxins are least common in Jamul, Spring Valley, and others in CA. The most common ones include Stachybotrys Chartarum and Aspergillis.

How Does It Travel?

The microorganisms are able to travel through open doors and windows. It can also travel through the air conditioner ventilation system. Other than that, the microorganisms can also be carried indoors from shoes or clothing. Pets can also transfer these microorganisms. Thus, mitigation of the home must be used.


There are growing concerns about this microorganism going on in Jamul and surrounding areas. With these issues and more, it's vital to hire a reputable experts to eliminate this problem. And having said this, the Environmental Hygienist to handle the cleanup and the source where this growth is coming from. Cleaning this microorganism is a hard thing for untrained people to do. There is a myth that bleach will kill this microorganism, but that's not true most of the time. If the point of where the microbial growth started is not addressed, the growth will continue. However, this specialist knows the ins and outs on how to safely and securely handle these situations. He/she will use different equipment and cleaning supplies that are approved by the government.

There are another expert to hire called the Inspection Specialist which is highly trained in using a testing kit that can show whether or not one's home contains this substance. Then, if it's found to be at a dangerous level in the San Diego County area, the remediation process will start. Visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com for more information on mold remediation and removal.

Handling A Fire Loss In Spring Valley, CA

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Fire Damage in Jamul, CA

Handling A Fire Loss In Spring Valley, CA

In CA, fires happen frequently because of the dry droughts that happen there. It is a frightening time for both homeowners and apartment dwellers who are forced from their units in order to save their lives. They must watch as a lot of their belongings go up with the fire, but they need to remember that in Jamul, California, especially in Spring Valley, they will receive the assistance that they need in order to stay safe and get back on their feet. Fires can destroy a lot of things, but the spirits of the people usually stay strong during this type of terrible ordeal.

Fire Damage Can Be Costly

Depending on how bad the fire was, the fire damage can be extensive and cost a lot money for the homeowner or apartment dweller. Once a person is safe from the flames, they will want to make sure that they contact their insurance company because this can help with the financing after a fire. They will want to report it as soon as possible, and get the insurance money as quickly as they can. The insurance money is meant to help people to move on passed disasters without having to spend all their own money. It helps in many ways.

Water Damage From Fire Is Awful

Water damage from fire is very dangerous. It can cause electrical fires, and people need to be aware of this. The water may be turned off in a home or apartment that has had a fire, and they will need to buy bottled water for drinking and brushing teeth. Here are tips for water damage during a fire:

·        If there is water on the floors, do not cross into these areas. There may be a chance of an electrical fire that can cause problems to one’s safety.

·        Water supply may be scarce. Visit a store in order to purchase bottle water for drinking and brushing of the teeth.

·        When returning to the unit, be sure to listen to the authorities about what to do about water consumption. They will give their ok, if it is safe to drink again.

Smoke Damage Creates Havoc

For many people the smell of smoke makes them ill. After a fire, the smoke damage will be in all the clothing, furniture and other items in the home or apartment. It is important to have professionals clean these items. The smoke may cause other problems too. Smoke damage can be costly, but here is what to do:

·        Touch base with the insurance company. They most likely will pay for a lot of the damage that has occurred from the fire.

·        Clothing, furniture and other items will need to be professionally cleaned. This is usually covered under the insurance policy too.

·        If paperwork has been ruined in the fire, it is important to call these people to let them know. Paperwork can be reordered when there has been a disaster like a fire, so it is important a person tell them what has happened so that they understand.

·        Air freshener should be used after the threat to health is gone after a fire. Spray the entire house or apartment with something that smells pleasant.

Soot Damage Is Sticky

Soot gets sticky, and it is ugly too. Soot damage can happen on floors, walls and counters, as well as other items in the home or apartment. Soot can’t be wiped up correctly with just soap and water, so it is best to get a professional to assist with it. Here are some tips:

·        Soot is sticky to the feel. If you are through with an item, throw it away rather than have to face cleaning it.

·        See if you can get a professional to paint the walls, treat the floors and counters. Many insurance policies will cover this in the case of a fire.

·        Check windowsills for a large amount of damage that will need to be cleaned. Once again, the professionals have the right type of cleaning fluid that will strip away the grime.

Is The Air Quality Affected After A Fire?

Yes, the air quality is always affected after a fire. A person needs to listen to the authorities and what they suggest. They may want the family to go to a friend or family members for the time being, or in other cases, they may want them to go to a hotel so that they don’t have to breathe in the air after a fire. Here are some things to remember:


·        The authorities do this for a living. They have meters that can read the air quality, so do what they suggest.

·        Touch base with family and friends. In some cases, they might be able to take some people in for a short period of time.

·        Check with the insurance company. They might cover the cost of a hotel room during the time that a person is not allowed to return to the affected area.

·        Only return to the affected area when given the go ahead by the authorities. They will know when the air is safe to breathe again, and they will notify the people when they can return to the home or apartment.

What About Fire Cleanup?

Fire cleanup can be time consuming. Sometimes it can take days, months or years to get the place back in order. A person should always ask for assistance. Here are some tips to remember:

·        They should find out if there are any free services that will assist them with the cleaning. The authorities may have a listing of the, or they can look them up on the Internet themselves.

·        Call upon friends, family, neighbors and coworkers to help with cleaning up after a fire. They may volunteer their time to help.

In Jamul, California many people survive fires all the time. Especially in Spring Valley, which is in a part of CA, they come through the devastation of the fire, and they rebuild and go on with the help of a lot of wonderful people. For more information on handling a fire loss, visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com/

What to do when you find Mold in Your Home in Spring Valley, CA

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Mold in Jamul, CA.

What to do when you find Mold in Your Home in Spring Valley, CA

Yesterday, a young girl returned to the doctor for the seventh time. Some of her symptoms were itchy eyes, fatigue, headaches, sore throat, cough, runny nose, and wheezing. Bacterial growth in the girl's home could have caused these symptoms. Mold is everywhere around the house including inside and outside, so an inspection of the home should be the first step in identifying the issue.

Inspecting the home

Microbial growth happens when the bacteria experiences the perfect conditions for growth. These conditions include a source of food for the bacteria, moisture, and time to grow. Microbial growth refers to the amount of cell growing and not the size of the cells growing. It is critical to remember that bacteria growth does not mean the house has mold. This issue is why it is necessary to hire an Environmental Hygienist from Jamul or Spring Valley, CA to inspect the home.

In California, an Environmental Hygienist must have the following:

Three years of experience.

Graduated from an accredited college with a degree in Environmental studies.

Passed the required state and federal exams.

These requirements make the Hygienist an expert at telling the difference between fungus, mildew, and other bacteria. If a homeowner suspects mold, a Hygienist should be hired to test the area and confirm the growth.

Whether it is small or large, the expert should be able to guide the homeowner in the next step to take in removing the issue. It is essential to following all of the Hygienist's recommendations.

Understanding the problem

Before mold cleanup begins, the source of the growth must be identified. Spores must have moisture to grow, so all leaks in the home must be repaired. Spring Valley and Jamul, CA experience high humidity, so a dehumidifier in the home would be a wise investment, also.

Once the source is identified and fixed, cleanup is started. Smaller jobs are easier to clean. Bleach and other household cleaners will kill fungus and mildew. If it is a bigger job, an individual should contact the insurance company to see if the damage is covered. The damage may be covered depending on the cause. However, it must be remembered that only an Environmental Hygienist can determine the proper treatment for any size job.

Once the appropriate treatment is determined, a homeowner has to decide if he or she will complete the repairs or hire an expert. In particular cases of growth, only an expert should remove and dispose of it, so it is done properly.

It is important to understand the different types of fungus found in California and how to prevent a reoccurrence of growth. Removing it can be expensive and an individual would not want to have to do it twice. If this blog has not been completely clear, these are the most important things from homeowners to understand:

Health issues including respiratory complaints can be caused by bacteria growth.

All growth can not be removed. An owner can only control the growth.

Eliminating all sources of moisture can help control growth.

Fix all leaks or water issues will aid in growth, also.

Controlling indoor humidity is important. It should be kept below 50% inside the home.

Vent bathrooms and kitchens with exhaust fans to stop moisture.

Use a dehumidifier.

Use an air conditioner and not a swap cooler.

Stop condensation by adding additional insulation.

Do not place carpets in areas with a lot of moisture.

Growth can be anywhere.

A homeowner who understands the issue can solve the issue.

Mold Cleanup

If the growth covers more than twelve square feet of the home, a professional should be hired to complete the cleanup. It will save time and money to check references before hiring a new contractor. A person should call the correct contractor depending on the cause of the growth. If sewage or other contaminated water caused the growth, call an expert in contaminated water damage. The contractor should follow the recommendations of the hygienist to clean up the growth.

If the growth area covers less than twelve square feet of the home, the homeowner can clean the area. When removing or sanitizing the growth area, a person should wear gloves, goggles, and have long sleeves and pants. In some instances wear a respirator. All of this equipment is available at a local hardware store. Finally, make sure the room is properly ventilated.

For more insight on handling mold, visit http://www.SERVPROspringvalleyjamul.com/

Do you know what SERVPRO does?

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Have you ever wondered what all those green trucks and vans do? Well, here at SERPVRO we provide 24-hour emergency service and are dedicated to responding faster to any size disaster. Our staff is highly trained in property damage restoration. With initial and ongoing training at SERVPRO's Corporate Training Facility and regular IICRC industry certifications, we are prepared to handle any residential or commercial water, fire, or storm damage restoration. We also provide mold remediation and cleaning services for both residential and commercial. SERVPRO is a trusted leader in the restoration industry and SERVPRO of Spring Valley / Jamul is locally owned and operated, so we’re already close by and ready to respond immediately when you need us, but we’re also part of a national network of over 1,700 franchises, which gives us access to more resources for larger cleaning or restoration projects or major storm scenarios. Call us today with any questions.

California's drought woes are improving

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The US National Weather Service recently made the following post on their San Diego California Facebook page:

"Thanks to a very wet January, California’s drought woes are improving. Since the start of the water year on 1 October 2016 over one-third of the state has been removed from drought by the U. S. Drought Monitor. California’s largest reservoir, the Sierra Snowpack, is looking very healthy right now thanks to January being the snowiest month on record for many locations in the Sierra Nevada including Lake Tahoe and Mammoth Mountain. However, much of California is still in a drought due to dry conditions since 2012 leaving some places in Southern California with precipitation deficits of one to two years worth of rainfall."

While it looks like California is on the road to recovery, we should still do our parts to conserve water as much as possible.

Our founder Ted Isaacson

1/21/2017 (Permalink)

Ted Isaacson

We were very saddened to hear about the loss of our founder, Ted Isaacson. Ted and his wife, Doris Isaacson, started SERVPRO back in 1967 in Sacramento, CA. It originally started as a painting company, but quickly became a cleanup and restoration company that sold it's first franchise in 1969. Now 47 years later, as we say goodbye to Ted, SERVPRO has over 1,700 franchises operating nationwide and it continues to grow. In 2016 Entrepreneur Magazine, SERVPRO was ranked #4 Franchise Opportunity overall, up from #7 in 2013-2015, and #1 in the Restoration Services category. We are so proud to be a part of this amazing company and we owe where we are today to Ted and Doris. Our thoughts and prayers are with their family and friends.

End of Fire Prevention Month?

11/1/2016 (Permalink)

Fire prevention month may be over, but fire prevention never is so don't forget that we at SERVPRO are here to help and, teaming with the American Red Cross, we are striving to reduce deaths and injuries due to home fires by 25%. Help us help you. Make sure you know all the proper ways to prevent and prepare for home fires. For more information, please visit www.redcross.org/homefires. And let this short video be a good reminder about the importance of fire safety and prevention. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-UmLfqlGk0

Help home fire victims by donating today

10/27/2016 (Permalink)

Over $7 billion in property damage occurs every year due to home fires. Your help is needed in every form. You can help home fire victims by donating at http://redcross.org/cm/SERVPROindustries-pub. Or, if you can give your time or effort, please become an American Red Cross volunteer at www.redcross.org to help others recover from home fires.

SERVPRO and the American Red Cross

10/25/2016 (Permalink)

SERVPRO supports the American Red Cross by asking every household in America to join us in taking two simple steps that can save the lives of you and your family; checking or installing smoke alarms and practicing fire drills at home. Do you know how often you are supposed to replace your smoke detectors in your house? The American Red Cross does, and to find out the answer, please visit www.redcross.org. It is very important to have updated smoke detectors for your family’s safety. In addition, according to the American Red Cross, 82% of families have not practiced fire drills at home. Don’t be a part of that statistic. Practice home fire drills to save your children’s lives. For more information, please visit www.redcross.org

Evacuating Your Building in 2 Minutes

10/22/2016 (Permalink)

What is something you can do in less than 2 minutes? You can make a cup of coffee, floss your teeth, or eat send an email. But did you know that you can also evacuate your building in 2 minutes. When a fire alarm goes off in a building there is precious time to evacuate. Many employees second guess a fire alarm. It is important to treat each alarm as if it's real.

Everyone know how to escape their house in less than 2 minutes? But it's time to learn how to escape their building in the same amount of time. For more information on the proper procedure, please visit the American Red Cross at www.redcross.org. And check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nr-irGW9bw

Are you home fire safety savvy?

10/19/2016 (Permalink)

Are you home fire safety savvy?

On average, 36 people suffer injuries as a result of home fires every day. This statistic means that there are a lot more fires than actual injuries from a fire. The damage to a home after a fire is the only cleanup that we want to have to deal with when we are called by an insurance company.

SERVPRO of Spring Valley wants to know if your home fire safety savvy? You can challenge friends, family members, and yourself by taking the quiz at www.redcross.org/homefires (under Free Tools & Resources). It is a fun way to get prepared for a fire damage or injury.

A home is more than a supportive structure

10/17/2016 (Permalink)

Don’t let a home fire happen to you and your family. A home is more than a supportive structure. It shelters you, your family, and all of your treasured keepsakes. What if you had the power to prevent the loss of your home? The American Red Cross can help you learn tips like how to make sure your family can safely escape your home in less than 2 minutes and how to test your smoke alarms. To learn more please visit www.redcross.org/homefires for home fire prevention information.

October is Fire Prevention Month

10/12/2016 (Permalink)

October is Fire Prevention Month and we are here to help you learn more on how to prevent and prepare for home fires with the American Red Cross.

Did you know that home fires are actually the majority of the disasters that occur? You can easily prevent a home fire if you know the right protocol. The American Red Cross has many great tips for you.

For more information, please visit www.redcross.org/get-help/prepare-for-emergencies/types-of-emergencies/fire

Newest member of our SERVPRO family!

6/2/2016 (Permalink)

The Degraffenreids (Owners)

We are a few weeks behind in posting, but we would like to announce the arrival of our newest member of the SERVPRO family - Abigail Ann Degraffenreid! She is only 4 weeks old but has already brought so much joy and love into our lives!

8th Annual Jamul Kiwanis' Hot Road & Chili Cookoff

4/11/2016 (Permalink)

Drawing them in with the free candy!

We had a great time at the 8th Annual Jamul Kiwanis' Hot Road & Chili Cookoff on Saturday. There was a great turnout and thankfully the weather held out for us. We look forward to going back again next year!

Be Prepared with an ERP

2/29/2016 (Permalink)

No one plans on a disaster, but you can plan for it

The SERVPRO Emergency READY Profile (ERP) will help ensure you are "Ready for whatever happens." In the event of an emergency, the ERP can help minimize business interruption by having an immediate plan of action in place for your facility. The ERP is a comprehensive document containing critical information about your business, including emergency contacts, shut-off valve locations and priority areas. Contact us at 619-600-5305 to schedule yours today!

Are you prepared for...?

1/25/2016 (Permalink)

We will have a table set up at the Disaster Preparednes Forum for businesses being held on February 4th at 9am at the Spring Valley Community Center located at 8735 Jamacha Blvd, Spring Valley, CA 91977, hosted by the South County and East County Economic Development Councils.

There will be experts in the fields of emergency services, utility services, law enforcement, and officials from the County of San Diego to convey information on how to properly prepare for a disaster, both natural and man-made. County Supervisors Greg Cox and Dianne Jacob will also make brief presentations.

Registration is recommended due to limited seating so please call 619-424-5143 or email SCEDC@SouthCountyEDC.com by February 2nd to register.

We hope to see you there!


1/21/2016 (Permalink)

Congratulations to our technician Tommy Bennett for scoring a 95% on his WRT (Water Damage Restoration Technician) exam!!


1/21/2016 (Permalink)

Congratulations to our owner Jason Degraffenreid for scoring 100% on his AMRT (Applied Microbial Remediation Technician) exam!!

Is El Nino starting?

1/6/2016 (Permalink)

The heavy rains flooded this backyard all the way into the garage, but we were able to pump out almost all of the water and dry it out.

Rain hit San Diego hard yesterday, could it be the start of the coming El Nino? According to their San Diego Facebook page, the US National Weather Service is predicting that "a second strong storm with similar rainfall amounts will move into southwest CA tomorrow afternoon through Thursday morning, with additional light showers in Saturday." Are you prepared? If your house gets damaged, we're here 24/7 to help.

Holiday Fire Caution

12/22/2015 (Permalink)

As we get closer to Christmas, it's important to remember that the holiday season does come with a few potential fire dangers, mainly your Christmas tree and home candles. December is the peak time of year for home candle fires and although Christmas tree fires are not common, when they do occur, they are more likley to be serious. The link below has some simple tips to avoid Christmas tree fires:


Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival

10/19/2015 (Permalink)

What better way to draw in a crowd than free candy?

Our team had a great time at the 6th Annual Spring Valley Tailgate & BBQ Festival yesterday! The festival was put on by Cali Comfort BBQ and Valley Farm Market with 13 amateur BBQ teams competing for tri tip, chicken, pork ribs and carne asada. With live music and lots of food and craft vendors, it was a great way to bring together the community of Spring Valley and help benefit the Organizations in Training (OIT), a nonprofit organization that provides personal and professional development through skill training to youth and families struggling through severe adversity. We had a great time and were proud to be able to sponsor such an amazing event. We look forward to participating again next year!


12/29/2014 (Permalink)

Mr. and Mrs. Degraffenreid

Congratulations to our owners - Mr. and Mrs. Degraffenreid!


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